Saturday, May 27, 2006

Spiritual Seasons (Word)

Seasons with Me are like seasons of the earth. Weather patterns are as spiritual patterns. You lived in dark and stormy weather for far too long. You chose to stay under the clouds and storms when sunshine and peace abounded all around you. You have since chosen to look up. You looked up and saw Me. You saw the rays of sunshine that could be yours to bask in. This sunshine is My glory. Just as the seasons of the earth change, so do the seasons of your life. There will be days of clouds and rain amidst the clear skies. Do not fear, for all rains and storms supply life and are created for your cleansing, if you allow it. My glory is never absent, simply not always visible to the casual onlooker. Look intently, see Me all around. Choose to live in the light even when storm clouds abound. One day all skies will clear as Heaven becomes your eternal home. No more clouds, no more storms. No more trials of life as you now know them. You will dwell forever in My house – your eternal home, where no darkness may dwell. So, keep your eyes heavenward and see Me now. See Me now, high and lifted up, for I am not hidden. See Me.

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