Thursday, September 28, 2006

Fulfillment Fest Week 1

It's Thursday and I've now been here in the mountains of NC for 6 days. I've been living in a tent, eating under my canopy (affectionately called my front porch) and even attending all meetings in a giant tent. It was quite a challenge as I began the adjustment at the beginning. I've met amazing people here - I've experienced God's presence in deep and powerful ways here - I've spent countless hours in prayer, reading the Word, deep levels of worship and heard incredible teaching. I've seen angels in open visions, have had God's presence physically rest on me heavily and am learning great revelations of what God desires of me.

I'm not even 1/3 of the way through this thing and it's already incredible. Whether it's roaming the giant circus-size tent in the quiet at 4 AM or encountering God's presence at 1 PM in the afternoon during intercession and worship, this has become by far the most life changing event I've ever encountered as I remain surrounded in God's presence and free of all of the junk of this world.

More updates are to come.... God is moving.

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Brother Galen said...

Thanks for the update on Fulfillment Fest. I hope to go for a day or two if I can get away.
I live in Clemson SC and would love to connect with you.