Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Heavenly Vision

In the midst of talking with God this morning about how I long to see Him and how I long to see the Heavens, I had this vision. I saw God calling Jesus over, summoning the elders and heavenly creatures over to His throne. He beckoned the angels to come as well. They gathered in worship around Him, some bowing, others repeating "Holy is the Lord".

He said to them, "Joel is asking Me to allow Him to see us – to see My glory. He longs to see the Heavens while he is yet on earth. Should I allow him to see? We have seen the zeal that rises up within him when he experiences the glory. I have seen how it touches his heart and is then spoken forth from his mouth and it touches others. Should I bring him up here? Surely a visitation here will fuel him ever so much more. He has seen much already but, as you all know, it is but just a tiny glimpse. I will continue to keep my eyes on him. I will call him up. He will see. He will behold all that you now behold. I will allow him to see what is above earth while he is yet on the earth. I will show him great things that will add fuel to his fire and will ignite others to seek Me and pursue Me. Great signs and wonders will follow these encounters and many will see My face. Even those that who have had no interest in Me will come with unveiled eyes. Yes, I will allow him to see My glory. He is not worthy but by your blood Jesus. The very sacrifice that I made for him is what allows him to see, to know. Let us go to him, stir in him. Jesus, teach him, Holy Spirit guide him. Angels, guard him, speak My words to him. Elders, pray for him, speak it out for all of the Heavens to hear. May all of Heaven rejoice for one desires to see Me in all of My glory. Oh how I long to release My glory upon the earth. I will do so and many will see and are seeing. Tell them to look for Me, for those that look will find. Go now, release My glory upon the earth!"

I then saw them all move away from around His throne. I sat amazed at the understanding of Heaven's activity. I too often forget that God is always moving, always speaking, always interacting with His creation. He is not an idle King sitting back gloating over all that is His. He is alive, He is acting on our behalf – He is longing for me to make my desires known to Him. He is truly moving throughout the Heavens and throughout the earth. Do you see it?

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Anonymous said...

Do I clearly see Him in His heavenly realm, no, Do I see glimpses yes, Do I want more yes. As I experience Him, all else pales in comparison. May we run with the Spirit into unknown places, captured in the heanvenlies. Thank you for this post, from one who is so hungry for the reality of heaven here and now. Kay