Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Strange Season

As I wheeled our trash down to the end of the driveway early this morning, it was quite apparent that the weather is just not normal for this time of year. Perhaps yesterday would be an even better example as I worked outside in shorts and a short–sleeve shirt with temperatures in the low 70's here in the latter part of November. Of course, here in Northeast Georgia I'm not expecting inches of snow and sub zero temperatures right now, but it should be noticeably cooler than this. It's safe to say that the weather is just not normal right now.

Just like this, my spiritual life is not what I'd consider normal either. Of course, what we deem as normal is different for each of us. We each know what trends we're prone to lean towards or how much time we spend alone with God each day in prayer and so on. We also could sit down and assess what we would say is our comfort zone with sharing the Gospel or simply voicing our beliefs to others in casual situations. For me, things are just all stirred up right now, seemingly out of season if you will. As a matter of fact, I'd be willing to say that it's an entire new season all together. I'm finding myself in situations that I've never seen quite like I'm seeing them now. They have likely been there, but for selfish reasons or simple lack of even looking, I've never seemed to notice. An example you ask? Well, the homeless for example. Lately, when I see someone looking disheveled and walking alone down the street, I take quick notice and emotions generally quickly follow. Flashback six months ago and you'd get no reaction from me whatsoever. Another example you say? OK, times when my wife and I are out and about, having quality time on our own, simply enjoying whatever it is we might be doing. A stranger pops into the picture and infiltrates our "alone time". Not long ago, I was so into my wants and desires and what I deemed as "our time" that I would have been offended or too busy to even entertain the thought of talking to, helping or befriending them. Today, I find myself ready and willing to seek them out and sit down with them to see what unfolds.

So you see, something is out of line, or perhaps I'm actually getting "in" line. I'm not saying, "Lord, send me people to 'minister' to" anymore. I've halted crying out to God to allow me to be a voice to the nations. I'm simply learning what it means to be humble. Learning to value others higher than myself and seeking God's heart alone. I'll sure never be able to conjure up any love for anyone on my own, so I figure that leaving it all in His hands is the best place to be. I'm so tired of programs, plans and steps that are designed to teach us how to become something that we were already created to be. It's simply getting alone with our Creator where we'll truly find who we are and why we're here.

So yes, this season is a bit odd right now and many things are not as they've been before. I haven't earned it, I haven't studied how to do bring it about, I'm simply resting at the feet of the One who already has it all together. I'm seeing things different these days – I'm seeing people different, I'm seeing myself different, I'm seeing God different… and I like it this way.

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