Monday, March 19, 2007

Crossing the Line

This weekend, Kristin and I were in upstate South Carolina to eat dinner for her birthday, so we decided to head over to a neighboring town where George Clooney is shooting his latest movie (the one that I blogged about several weeks ago). We were interested to see the set as we knew that it is a 1920's era film set outdoors in the historic downtown area. What we saw, along with many celebrity seekers that I won't comment on, was a pretty elaborate production crew and set. There were period cars, giant spotlights on the rooftops and many well-costumed extras.

Of course there was pretty good security as well and the entire downtown area was taped off and monitored. We walked most of the perimeter of the area in order to get the best view of the happenings in the heart of it all. We could see little, and then they moved vehicles in the line of our view right before they started running cameras in order to obscure our view even further. What stood out to me was the simple fact that a small strip of yellow tape kept me out of where the action was. I didn't like it in the least, but I didn't cross that line either, despite it keeping me from actually getting to where I wanted to go.

Over the last few days, the "rending of the veil" has been on my heart and mind alot. To drive the point home, the scripture where it is described (Luke 23) was in my Bible study this morning. What I saw moments ago were hordes of God's children, believers in Christ standing in great crowds - lined along an imaginary line as if a "do not enter" tape was run across in front of them all. The only problem is, there is no tape, or "veil" there anymore. You see, Jesus' death on the cross cleared the way so that we might go into the most holy place where God Himself dwells. I believe with everything in me that God is saying to EVERYONE, "Open your eyes, see that the way has been made so that you may enter! Enter in!".

Inside is purpose, hope, joy, holiness, true life - God's holy presence. Don't be found just standing there wishing you were inside, take that step and enter in. He's already made the way for you to enter - all you have to do is see it and go in. So today, in the name of Jesus who tore down the veil on my behalf, I'm going in!

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