Wednesday, March 28, 2007

What is Your Song?

Although my favorite time of year is Fall, I do however like Spring - how everything that was dormant for months returns to life and is green again. Although most people my age and younger may think that it's kind of crazy, I love the simple fact that birds are everywhere this time of year. In our yard, we have several varieties and I always enjoy hearing them singing and seeing them fluttering about.

With this in mind, I wanted to share something that took place while I was out working yesterday morning. There was this ongoing barrage of "song" coming from a Mockingbird in a tree beside me. He must have gone on for at least 10 or 15 minutes when I had had enough. If you haven't heard one before, their playlist is quite vast as they sing a little bit of everything. In the past, on occasion, I've been fascinated with their ability to sing as they do. But not on this morning - this morning it was quickly growing to be annoying. The bird would sing one tune, then mid-stride change to a shrill squawking, then to something else that I wouldn't even attempt to describe.

Right then the Lord spoke to me. He said, "Joel, what is your song?" I stopped and thought on this for several minutes. I came to the realization that too often I'm tempted to sing someone else's song in life. I try to please others or impress people, so I sing a different 'song' and quiet the one that God has placed in me. Just like this mockingbird sounded so all over the place, almost confused as to who he is, we too can lose sight of who we are and what we're to do. God has given each one of us our own special song. If we strive to be all things to all people or even if we try to walk out our lives as anything other than what God created us for, our song will come out as displeasing to the Lord. May we not be like the Mockingbird and sound all messed-up and confused as to who we really are.

So I encourage you this morning to take the time to discover YOUR song. I want my life to be a pleasing sound to my Creator's ears. I don't want to sing for earthly gain or fleshly reward. What is your song?

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