Tuesday, May 27, 2008

We Are

… sending multi-billion dollar machines into space to inspect far off planets that we’ll never be able to inhabit, yet people are starving to death on the streets in every city in America…. we’re a foolish people.

… striving to “go green” and save the environment, yet seemingly have no concept that this earth is destined to pass away… we’re ignorant.

… building multi-million dollar church campuses in the name of God, yet they are erected only to satisfy our fleshly wants and desires… we’re so prideful and vain.

… putting up fronts that nothing can harm us and we’re invincible, yet inside we’re tormented, hurting and living only to die… we’re a broken people.

… seeing all around us signs of the end of the age abound, yet we seemingly don’t even consider what they are saying… we’re unprepared for what is to come.

… doing whatever we want without even considering consequences and then complain about how we’ve been wronged by an unfair God when things turn bad… we’re disillusioned.

… seeing people dying in our streets and we reject help and assistance, somehow attempting to convince the entire world, and ourselves, that we’re OK… we’re blind.

… convinced that God must be pleased with our endless attempts to find Him, yet we completely ignore His Word, which gives us complete instruction… we are selfish.

… creating machines to recreate life, explain the Universe yet we cannot even consider the reality of an awesome Creator God… we are unwise.

… claiming to be a Christian people, yet we produce no fruit whatsoever that Jesus says defines His true followers as such… we’re deceived.

I fuss about what we must be doing to show a real Jesus to a real world, yet I fail time and time again to love my very own neighbors as myself… I too am often foolish, ignorant, prideful, vain, broken, unprepared, disillusioned, blind, selfish, unwise and deceived.

Thank You Lord for your patience, Your kindness, Your mercy – I choose today to remove every hindrance, obstacle and work of my flesh in order to approach You with unveiled eyes and see as You see. Break through religious and worldly barriers and reveal our need, reveal our dependence – shake all that can be shaken and raise up a people that boldly live as Jesus upon this earth.


Dianna said...

Amen, Brother. The Lord said to me, "Religion is for stupid men who do NOT know Me."

He is my all in all.

I am located just north of Spartanburg, SC. You are my brother and my neighbor...LOL

Visit my site...go to the ministry page...and read the Word the Lord gave me..."Message to the bride."

Many blessings in Christ

Joel Spencer said...

Thanks for stopping by Dianna - I'll check it out.

Gabe said...

Hello Joel:
I like people with passion to serve the Creator. I think that the biggest problem with the world today is that it's forsaken the teaching and instruction of the Creator Himself.

I like what it says in Jeremiah:

Jer 6:16
And ask for the old paths, where the good way is, And walk in it; Then you will find rest for your souls.

The church quite honestly can have its conferences of fluffy movements and sell its "Thus says the Lord" messages on CD, DVD, and books, but it's still powerless.

The concept of "Jesus did everything right so I don't have to" doesn't work and neither does the "it's all under the blood".

We must live by the scriptures themselves, because quite honestly, there are no real prophets in the world today. I'm sure that the Elijah List folks will disagree with that statement. However, do you see anyone who even resembles the prophets of old? You won't, because no one will follow the pattern [see Jeremiah chapter 23].

Instead of living the scriptures, we're programmed to follow what the stage performer behind the pulpit says, with his one verse sound bites to explain an entire chapter. We're guided by what man says; man is a liar whether purposely or sincerely [please read Jeremiah 17:5].

You're a good man Joel. I truly hope you find what you are seeking.


rave.n said...

[reading + listening]

Joel Spencer said...

Gabe: I'm with you - thanks for the encouragement. It's time we look ourselves to dig out the Truths of God.

rave.n: Two good things to be found doing. :)

SirRobert said...

Hi Joel

I found your blog via SharpIron...

I'll admit to you that I am a non-theist. That said i see wisdom in some of your observations however i must take issue with a couple:

You said:

… sending multi-billion dollar machines into space to inspect far off planets....

My comment:

While I agree there is MUCH that needs to be done down here on Earth...the exploration of our solar system may very well be necessary for our survival. Not to mention the inspiration it provides to our children to reach for the stars. The probes sent to Mars recently are done for a very small dollars as compared to ONE modest weapons system procured by the Pentagon.

You said:

"striving to “go green” and save the environment, yet seemingly have no concept that this earth is destined to pass away"

My comment:

What account would we give of our stewardship of Earth, our only home? Is it wise to 'conquer' and 'subdue' the Earth to the point of excess? While I disagree with you that the end is nigh, can we agree that neither of us knows for sure when the end will come? What if the end is not for several more generations? We are the stewards of Earth not its masters nor owners and we need to leave it a little better for having lived...for our children.

You said:

"creating machines to recreate life, explain the Universe yet we cannot even consider the reality of an awesome Creator God"

My comment:

I am not completely sure of what machines of which you are speaking...I interpret your statement as a 'dig' at Science and its fruits. Science is the tool we use to deduce the laws of the universe. It says nothing about where or from whom those laws came. All people are free to draw whatever conclusions they wish from the evidence at hand. Science has given us many wonders (vaccinations, modern agriculture that feeds billions, instantaneous communications) and many terrors (mass genocides, nuclear and biological weapons). Science is AMORAL not immoral. Science is a tool much like a hammer that can be used for good or ill. It is the human mind that is point of embarkation of both good and evil.

I have read much of your blog and I find you to be a thoughtful and compassionate Christ-follower.

I look forward to reading more from you!


Jeff said...

What a great post. I really enjoyed that. Thank you!