Monday, November 17, 2008

A Testimony Worth Sharing

This is an incredible testimony of an abortion survivor, named Gianna Jessen. Let me preface this by saying I'm just not moved by videos, usually. However, the Truth that this woman speaks is literally astounding. For informational purposes, she is speaking at Parliament House, Victoria, Australia on the eve of the debate to decriminalize abortion in Victoria. Pay close attention to the leaders and clerics that are in the crowd. Incredible. May we all boldly proclaim the LORD with such great assurance!

Part 1 - 9:36

Part 2 - 6:40


Mike and Barb said...

Thanks for the posting of these videos of Giannas testimony Joel. What a powerful testimony! It moves me to tears to see her love for the unborn and above all for Jesus Christ. She gives Him all of the glory and rightly so. Praise God for her life!

Joel Spencer said...

Mike and Barb: I've watched them twice now. What a remarkable story of the hand of God.

I can't seem to shake the Father's heart for the unborn as of late. Forgive Your Church LORD, myself included, for not seeing, for not hearing.

Miche said...

Thank you very much for putting up this video. I NEVER tire of hearing a truly thankful person publicly crediting and praising God! It brings me such joy to hear testimonies like that! With all of my being I concur with my sister that God is worthy to be praised and honored. And I would add(though I'm sure she would likely agree) that it can and should be in anyplace and at anytime among anyone!

God bless you, Joel.

Joel Spencer said...

Michelle: I'm glad that I have a place for a few more people to view these videos - they are surely worth passing on.