Thursday, April 23, 2009

Paradise Returned: Introduction

Sometimes I labor over studies and spend weeks on researching Scriptures and putting them down in printed form. On this occasion however, it could not have happened faster. When I sat down early on a Monday morning to put some attention to several verses, I had no idea that I wouldn't stop until five o'clock that evening with thirteen pages of information typed out. Without question, I feel that this must be heard. Although this is in the same vein as most everything that I have written previously, there is something vitally important about this one. Please dedicate the time to thoroughly read all parts of this piece. I believe within it lie many truths that perhaps have gone uncovered for eons.

Every timeline that I have any memory of seeing is always linear. No matter what historical time period they are defining, they always seem the same – left to right, horizontal. But what if the timeline that all of mankind is on is not horizontal at all? What if it is circular? What if the goal is for us to actually return to where it all started?

Assuming you believe the biblical accounts of Creation, what has taken place since then, what is unfolding now and what is foretold to yet come, I would like to present some views on where I believe we should be headed, using the Word alone as my textbook and my ideas originating in time with my LORD.

I believe that most would agree that ever since Adam chose to disobey God in the Garden of Eden, mankind has moved further and further from their purpose and destiny (Hosea 6:7). Adam chose, via his disobedience, to forsake intimacy with His Creator. After the fall, Adam embarked on a journey that led him away from God’s presence. There would be no more walking and talking with Him in the cool of the day. Adam’s choices removed his intimate interaction with God and mankind has continued on the same path ever since. But what if we can return to this place of intimacy? What if we could now be positioned in a time where we are re-approaching this Edenic relationship with our Creator? In summary, what if, as we draw closer and closer to the culmination of all time, God’s Children are returning to the closeness and uninhibited interaction with Him that Adam and Woman (the name “Eve” was not given until after the fall) once knew? What if, as every day passes, we are edging closer to completely returning to the LORD in fullness?

I’d like to present a few examples as to why I believe this way. I urge you to read this with ears open to what the Spirit is saying in this hour. It is somewhat complex and I don’t claim to have all understanding on any of it. As with anything, take all that is here and set it beside the Word. Anything that doesn’t stand up beside it, throw it out. But, don’t just settle for only grasping what you agree with either. It is time to expand our understanding and expectations.

Again, I pose that we are now returning to the Father on the timeline. That we are now drawing closer to returning to what the first Adam chose to leave. Those of us who are in the second Adam (Jesus, The Christ) will, ever increasingly I believe, again hear the voice of our Father as we travel down the highway of holiness to once again enter the garden and dwell in the holy of holies.

I submit the following timeline to you as a visible example of what I understand the process of all time to include. * Please keep in mind that I am no scholar or eschatologist.

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Amy said...

Wow!! Very interesting here! I think you may very well be onto something correct! Both my heart and mind resonate with this.

As well, I printed out the chart/visual you created. I'll be pondering this all.

~Amy :)
Walking In The Spirit

David said...

Very interested to see where this is headed. How many parts are there?

Joel Spencer said...

Amy: Well when it's all posted in its entirety, I'd love your feedback and opinions. There is much to be understood.

David: I'm not sure yet as I've not broken it down into parts as of yet. At least 4 or 5.

shonryan said...

Good. I agree with the concept of it. We will be returned to the splendor of original creation. But we won't be heading back to original sin ever again to repeat the same cycle forever and ever. That's where someone might get confused I guess.

Joel Spencer said...

Shonryan: You make a good point. I need to be clear that although it is circular, it does have a clear end. We will not be repeating any cycle for all of time. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Highly interesting!!! I'm eager to read the rest!

Gram said...

Oh my Joel! What a pleasure and a joy to read! BECAUSE it holds TRUTH FIRST! You know, the enemy doesnt care how much doctrine we know...Our purpose? Personal but The Bride in general? THATS been his success-till now. The Overcomers are waking up! Thank you SO much for who you are IN CHRIST.

And Joel, love the Rapturitis quiz lol! Cause that was me!

Renee said...

WOW ! I couldn't stop reading it ! I read the entire blog site page and agree with all that you said and exposed . I pray that the Body of Christ wake up and have ears to hear and eyes to see the truth. I pray also that people stop being bench warmers and dust of their bibles during the week. May the fruits of the spirit be revealed openly, to God be all the glory, for the Christ is now alive and longs to live in all of us.

Thank you and God bless you for being the empty vessel, willing to be used by God in any way he sees fit. Keep on keeping on in the truth and in Love.

In Christ always,

Joel Spencer said...

Gram: What is in the Word is enough for me. Everyone else can have their self-help books and opinions - the Word holds more than I could ever figure out on Its own!

Glad you enjoyed the rapture-itis article! :)

Renee: If only people understood that they cannot know Jesus, The Christ (who is the Word) and not study His Word. We cannot be intimate with One without the Other. Thanks for your encouragement!