Monday, November 30, 2009

How Are Things Really? Shifting From Living In The Natural To Living In The Spiritual (Part Two)

Circumstantial, carnal thinking leads to one thing – circumstantial, carnal living.

One who lives tossed to and fro by ever-changing circumstances will forever be swayed by every wind of change. When things are going what they deem as "good", they are happy, content and all is well. But when anything moves in and changes their circumstances, they get lost and fear quickly steps onto the scene. It is a life that lacks kingdom perspective!

Without an understanding of the reality of the spiritual realm, you will be taken advantage of for the rest of your days for you are incapable of spiritual living due to your choosing to only dwell in the natural.

What good is a soldier walking through a battlefield with a blindfold on? (Your battle is not against flesh and blood that you can see, but against principalities and powers that you cannot.) What good is a representative of a King if he never dwells in the Kingdom that he is to represent? (A born from above believer is an Ambassador for Christ, seated with Christ now in heavenly places.) What good is one who is to be a hearer of what the Spirit is saying if he does not have ears to hear it? (It is we, those in Christ, who are to hear what the Spirit is saying to the Church in this hour.)

One who only operates in one realm will only be able to affect one realm.

I guess one needs to first decide whether or not they even believe they have anything to do with spiritual/supernatural matters. These things are not found in books, "Christian" television, hours of sermons or counseling sessions! These things are found in one place – the realm of the spirit! It is not some eerie, mystical place my friend. We've seen too many supernatural thriller movies and forgone the reality of the Scriptures. The Church has allowed the new age movement and spiritualists to have it all. Much of the Body of Christ has laid down their rights as spiritual beings and have settled with being worldly Christians that live like everybody else, except they have better morals and attend services each week.

If we can't touch it, feel it or explain it, we want no part of it, right? After all, God wouldn't want us messing around with supernatural things anyway, right? (sigh) Who will see past the surface? Who will seek what is behind the veils? Who will step back from their natural understanding and allow the Spirit of the LORD to awaken their spiritual eyes and ears?

I'll be completely honest – I have great sadness for those who claim to be Christians yet have no spiritual awareness in the days to come. Those who simply attend services and listen to what other men are saying without delving into the heart of God personally, will have a very rough time in the days ahead. Surface-level Christianity that moves with the waves of man-made Christian ideals will sink. There's no question about it. The waves of this world will overtake them for their vessel is made with human hands and will not withstand the coming storms. Only those whose dwelling is the maker of the storm will make it. Only those who see past the clouds and wind and rain will see the order within the chaos. Only those who have the faith to walk on the rolling waves will overcome! Only those who see the deeper things that the Spirit is uttering in this hour will be the victors. This is why we cannot simply go by what our physical eyes see! It is serious my friend. It's time to take off the blinders of this natural world and see all that you were created to see! The world may say one thing, but my Father says another! I will choose to tune into His broadcast! I will choose to look at all things beyond my natural perception and ask Him for eyes to see and ears to hear. I will be an instrument in His hands in this hour because I will continually choose to lay down my carnal mindset that wants to have me, despite the fact that it died with Christ at my salvation. It is a moment by moment choice to live by the Spirit and not according to the flesh.

It is all about perspective. What do you want to see? Do you even want to know the truth? Do you desire to walk in the spirit as our biblical forefathers did? Are you satisfied with living a moral, yet carnal life in the here and now, awaiting the sweet by and by? Do you want to ask the question, "what is it really"? I pray that you do. There's simply not enough time to was on this worldly, one-dimensional mindset. It's time to hear what the Spirit is saying. Don't wait another moment. Body of Christ, awaken from your sleep! Arise and live to be all that you were created to be! Approach everything that you encounter with unveiled spiritual eyes. Move from slumber to life and see! Don't be afraid to ask, "how are things really?"


Daughter of Wisdom said...

God is calling us away from a life lived in the flesh to a life lived in the spirit. Unfortunately, as you have observed, many Christians are totally unacquainted with what that means. Some think it means having a lively worship service or a charismatic worship. Sigh...

Joel Spencer said...

Daughter: Yes, even the word "spiritual" has been completely misinterpreted. It has nothing to do with how excited someone gets or how the LORD moves in a "service". It is walking a moment by moment life aware of the fact that a realm unseen parallels this one that we do see. We must learn to operate in them both in order to fulfill our purpose here on earth as spiritual ambassadors for Christ.