Friday, November 13, 2009

When Men Become Expendable - Conclusion

So, if you're like me, after reading this series you may be asking, "Well what in the world is the purpose of all of this bad news? What am I supposed to do about it all?" Well, I wish I had the perfect answer that was more elaborate than "become a real born from above-living conformed to the image of Christ-non-mold fitting Believer that hears the voice of the LORD!" I just desire for people to see that the cookie-cutter Christian agenda just won't cut it anymore. Things are getting worse, as they will continue to and the Body of Christ needs to wake up! So many seem to want to just push their head into the sand and say prayers that ask God to do things here in America that completely oppose His Word. "Oh Lord, let us defeat our enemies in Your name as we embark on another war in the name of 'Christian' freedom". "Bless this nation with prosperity, abundance and wealth". "Turn this nation back to God!" (You cannot turn back to where you've never been, my friend.) "Destroy our 'enemies' (ie: terrorists, anyone who opposes us, etc.) as you did in the Bible" – on and on it goes and it's in every denomination and movement, on some level. Mainstream Christianity continues to say, with their actions, "Be like us or you're not allowed in the clique" and it continues to turn away generation after generation. And even within this generalization, there are inner circles. Whites, go here. Blacks, you gather over there. Hispanics, you have your own services after we're done with ours. Separation and division lead the way in Christianity as much as, if not more than, in any other culture that exists. It's no wonder we never see unity within the Body of Christ!

Half of the Scriptures that I hear preachers and self-defined prophets use to declare blessings and prosperity upon the US don't even apply to this nation! Scriptures are twisted and incorrectly explained to fit an American-Jesus, militarian agenda. Western Christians embrace it because it benefits them – forget everyone else! It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever! We all must be careful to not fall prey to this mindset and elevate ourselves above others.

So, as I always seem to say, who will hear what the Spirit is saying in this hour? Who will tune out all of this feel-good nonsense that ignores the obvious and seek the Scriptures? Who will see every man, woman and child as the beautiful creation that they are? Who will get down in the dirt with the lowly and listen to them in their despair? Who will live a life of taking the lower place and let the world rage on in pride and arrogance? Who will see the futility in all of this worldly kingdom building and seek after the eternal? Who will see that the majority of this Christian-patriot agenda is fueled by pride, elitism and kingdoms of earth? Yes, there is a kingdom to be established here. Yes, we are Ambassadors for Christ. Yes, we are to desire on earth as it is in heaven. But we must know what this truly means! We can no longer use the name of God to advance our own agendas. We can no longer continue to see any man as lesser than ourselves. We can no longer ignore the cries of the hurt, the broken and those in need. Will we, the representatives of the Father, have the same elitist and bigoted attitude that this world has? A worldly kingdom is a worldly kingdom – period. It doesn't matter if it's labeled "Christian" or not. If it is in place to advance a worldly, flesh-driven agenda, it opposes the LORD.

Regarding this world and its ways - there is no corner to turn. There is no valley to be climbed out of. There is no upswing just on the other side of said valley. That is, unless you look past all of this temporal nonsense and see the eternal. It's time my friend to keep your eyes on things above. It's time to see all of the events of this hour with wisdom and discernment that can only come from the LORD who knows it all and how it all will unfold. Take off the Christian-American glasses and see as He sees. In what, in whom does your identity lie? Let's all level the playing field and see every man, woman and child as ourselves. Even the LORD of all Lords humbled Himself and dwelt among all of us. He made Himself low and interacted with people many of us would consider detestable. Surely, surely if He can do it, we can as well! I'm becoming more and more convinced that love really is the revolution - the only revolution that will bring hope to this desperate and dying world.

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