Wednesday, November 04, 2009

When Men Become Expendable - Intro/Part One

"But now, O LORD, You are our Father, we are the clay, and You our potter; and all of us are the work of Your hand." Isaiah 64:8

I rarely ever write anything that would be remotely considered a commentary on current events or circumstances. I didn't write this piece in order to long for the good 'ol days or to wish for some utopian dream world that will never exist within this fallen world. I feel that I have a pretty firm grasp on reality and why things are the way they are. It will continue to worsen and I fully understand that, it's all told to us in pretty clear detail within the Scriptures. However, my role in the midst of it all is important. What side am I on? Are there even sides to begin with? What do I see? What do I do about what I see? Should I do anything? How do I respond to what I see unfolding upon this earth? Do I ignore it? Do I attempt to pray it all away? Value and love for mankind are dramatically on the decline and I just don't want my life, in any way, to be a part of it. If you're looking for a deep doctrinal discussion piece, you'll be disappointed in this article. If you're interested in reading one man's opinion on what he sees, then you might just be challenged. Hopefully we can all continue to seek the counsel of the LORD about the circumstances forthcoming and be the people that He desires us to be in our generation, despite how troublesome all around us often seems. This is more or less an opinion piece, so please proceed with an open mind and heart, with the title in mind throughout.

In this piece I briefly examine four key areas that I believe show the modern-day insignificance of mankind. We have allowed each other to become expendable and it's imperative that we, those who profess to be followers of Jesus Christ, realize this tragedy and make adjustments to properly love, cherish and value one another.


"For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places." Ephesians 6:12

"For You formed my inward parts; You wove me in my mother's womb." Psalm 139:13

These topics really get me. Nothing, in my opinion, declares the obvious rise of darkness over this age than these two issues. If one were to pick any given day and watch only one hour of the national news, you'd hear of people cutting open pregnant women's stomachs in order to steal live babies, stabbings, decapitations, mass murders, mass suicides, dismemberment, assassination attempts, neighbors killing neighbors and stuffing them into closets – we could go on forever. And where is this again? In this fine "Christian" nation? Surely not! Yes my friend, it's all right here in our own backyards and it has nothing to do with value systems and the loss of morality alone (I'll be looking much more into this issue soon). I urge you, stop and think about this – hard. Husbands are butchering their wives and kids in their own living rooms… in rural Minnesota! This is the reality that we live in each day. And people casually seem to think that it's just the way things are. So few seem to remember the biblical rule of principalities and powers – instead it's just "good people" doing "bad things".

Just as the Word predicted, brother is turning against brother, wars are literally coming into suburban neighborhoods and violence is getting eerily strong. They may be in the form of a lesser organized killing campaign, but it's all the same. Men hating men. Covetousness. Territorial pride. And I'm not talking about gangs here, I'm talking about blue collar CEO's doing the unspeakable next door while you bake cookies in your kitchen and wonder if you should invite them to "church".

In the name of abortion and women's rights, approximately 49 million babies have been killed in the US since the year that I was born, 1973. Today as I sit and write this, it is November 2 and as of this moment, 34.8 million human lives have been legally killed around the world since January 1st of this year. Do you understand that? Do you comprehend this? Estimates are that around 50 million have been reportedly aborted in the US alone since abortion became legal in 1973. The number is nearing 4,000 per day within the US alone. We willingly murder our own children, yet millions say, "please save the starving polar bear from global warming!" (sarcasm intended). I just don't get it. Oh yes, I forgot, it's all our choice. It's all about what we deem as convenient, easy and personally acceptable.

These babies, who are never even given a chance, have purpose, they have been given a life and are created in the image of God. They are not expendable. The men and women murdered each and every hour on the streets and in their homes, deemed by society as guilty or innocent, have purpose. They have been given life and are created in the image of God. Whether they are violent killers or innocent victims, none of them are expendable.

NEXT: Part Two - The Homeless


Melissa Ann said...

Great Blog!! Looking forward to part two :) Have an Awesome Day!

Karen said...

Those abortion numbers are beyond staggering. It makes me so sad to think that millions have been denied the life that God created them to have. And people somehow don't think that God's judgment is coming to America? Wow.

Joel Spencer said...

Melissa Ann: Thanks for stopping by!

Karen: I'll never forget when I saw a young lady who had survived an abortion say "If this issue is all about women's rights, who stood up for mine?" I agree with what you said about the judgment that will come. We need to sincerely ask the LORD to show us how to respond to these issues.

Anonymous said...

All anyone has to do is take a look around this nation and see how we're fascinated with murder. TV shows like CSI, movies like Saw, etcetera. It's a wonder that things aren't even worse.

Daughter of Wisdom said...

Wow! People do these things because they do not value the sanctity of life - a God-given gift. Coincidentally, I just recently finished doing an article on my blog on sacred reproduction. When you get a chance, please take a look. You may be surprised!

Sacred reproduction


Joel Spencer said...

Anonymous: Good points. I recently watched a video promo of a haunted house that an acquaintance was doing in Atlanta. The voice-over kept going on and on about how you could carry out your wildest fantasy as you watch people get drilled in the head and tortured in various ways. I literally cannot grasp how this stuff has become, not just acceptable, but desirable. Murder and violence has become a routine part of everyday culture.

Daughter: Thanks - I'll check it out.

NINA said...

Great blog. Very significant. What people don't realize is that you cannot pick and choose who is expendable and who is not. We seemed to have opened up a can a worms in this nation. We legalize abortion, which is actually giving permission for the spirit of murder to be released. Then when set in amazement when all hell breaks loose. We wrestle not with flesh and blood so we must realize is that it is not the act that we havce given permission and frre reign to, but the spirit. When Jesus was about to be crucified there was a choice to release the Christ or a murderer and they (we) chose the murderer. That act was significant when you realize the history of violence and free rein of mass murders and suicide in that region. The same goes in this situation.We have chosen to crucify Christ (in numerous ways other than "just" the abortion issue) and instead released the spirit of murder.

Joel Spencer said...

Nina: You stated some FANTASTIC points that I had not thought about. The "spirit of murder" has been released to do as it pleases - well said. Most would say that's just crazy talk, but I believe you have hit it on the head. We've surrendered our entire sanctity of life from conception with these millions of abortions.

Thanks so much for being a regular part of this blog.