Sunday, February 19, 2012


If your life is hidden now in Christ, if you’re regenerated, if you’ve been born from above, it’s time to live a life fulfilling what Christ instructed us to do. Don’t wait for a special offering collection to give to the poor. Don’t wait for a strategic outreach to visit your neighbors and share the love of Christ. Don’t wait to start a “ministry” to minister. Don’t wait for “a calling” to do the things that Jesus already instructed us to do. The world cannot wait for the Body of Christ to continue to formulate more programs and ministries anymore. Today is the day, now is the time. We are the called.


Mrs White said...

I absolutely agree!!

Mrs White

Urtez4 said...

Believe in god is a proof of weakness and lack of intelligence.
People who believe in god are responsible for the most part of the situation of our Society.
Their sheep attitude favor the modern slavery like they done in the past.
Sorry for my english, but i bet you know what i mean!
What a shame to need a pretext to promote the love of our neighbor...
Poor spiritual handicapped!

Joel Spencer said...

Thanks for sharing your opinion "Urtez4". Everyone has a specific motivation that drives them to love and care for another. It would seem to me that saying all are created equally beautiful in the image of The Creator, with a purpose and a destiny, is a fantastic "pretext" as you call it. It's complete reliance upon oneself that I see as weakness. I spent thirty years functioning in this manner - it's easy. It's surrendering my will and pride daily that takes effort and strength.

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