Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Lithium & Lies

In light of what my last post was about, I just had to write this down and blog it.

OK, so we sold our “old" camera to some friends out of state last week. Although I had intended to get it sent out days earlier, I finally had it all packaged up and ready to send out this morning. As I stepped up to the counter and placed the box onto the scale, the very first thing the Post Office worker asked me was, "Does this package happen to have lithium batteries in it?" "Yes it does", I said (baffled that she would coincidently ask me that of all things). She goes on to explain how new federal regulations state that all lithium batteries must be shipped either in a device or packaged and shipped separately, by themselves. Our two were in the box with the camera – beside it. Sooooooo, she said I'd have to remove them, repackage it all and get back in line to resend. (Ugh!) I decided to just leave as I was on my way to my first work appointment.

Several hours later, in an adjacent town, I decided that I'd send it there without making any adjustments to the package and just, well, lie if they too asked me the same question. (I didn't want to have to go through such troubles of repackaging, extra time, extra shipping costs!!!!!!  lol) So I open the door, step in and guess what? A line of at least 10 people stood before me. I waited ten minutes or so with absolutely no movement of the line, then left grumbling.

“I'll just go back to [the city I live in] and, well, lie when she asks me if I repackaged it correctly to comply.” I thought. After work on my way back to our city Post Office, I pondered the matter. I’d say that the Holy Spirit demanded that I not concede but that wouldn’t really be accurate. I described it to my wife that it was like when I speak to Noah as He does something I’d rather he not do. I’m not demanding of Him or angry. I just calmly say, “Son, please don’t do that. It’s not how you’re supposed to act and you know that.” Likewise, my Father was speaking… to me. Softly and kindly. So I’ve brought the package back home and will go through the frustration of undoing it all and repackaging it. In the end, is retaining right relationship with my Father not easily worth some minor nuisances and several dollars? 

The Lord is wrecking my life and I love it and hate it all at the same time! He is requiring more and more of me, desiring my every little decision to be filtered through His eternal lens of love. He is desiring my all and my all is what I’ll continue to strive to bring. I’m becoming thankful for the little growing moments that most people would consider absurd to even think about. For nearly forty years I’ve excused away “little things” as insignificant but you know what, those days are over. I truly do desire to surrender all of me.  It’s time I live a life of an obedient son to the best of my regenerated-self abilities. After all I must say, obedience in the little things sure feels nice for a change.


The Hoov said...

You put what i ponder all the time about God. My frustration and joy that he even cares my little decisions. Good blog sir! ;-)

Kori Benfiel said...

:) I guess God is doing similar things in all of us!