Sunday, August 02, 2015

From Or In?

So many Believers are sold a doctrine of lies that are entirely unobtainable as a Christian. "Accepting Jesus" is sold as a fix-it-all sort of magic wand to wave. Depressed? Try Jesus. Addicted? Repeat some words. Struggling to just get by? Jesus can somehow fix all that ails you in a moment. Friends, this is crippling for anyone who truly desires to follow Christ, victoriously. Life on this side of the Cross is full of pains, struggles and failures. The difference? Where your hope lies. If it's in your own try-harder, do-better attitude, you're sunk. If it's in the power of Christ with self laid to rest, there is hope beyond it all. God is well aware of my weaknesses and failures. He invites me to Himself, unaffected by my shortcomings.

Jesus told us, "In the world you'll have tribulations: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world, there's nothing for you to fear." For far too many years I walked in constant condemnation that I must be doing something wrong because my Christian walk was... well... hard. I fail. I fall. I wrestle with disbelief. I have real struggles and tribulation, just as Jesus foretold. So, today, I no longer errantly assume I must be doing something wrong because adversity is always lurking in the shadows. I rejoice instead in the Light that is Christ Who has overcome it all. It's His goodness, His faithfulness and His strength that enables me to stand. The confession of my inability unleashes His absolute ability. Standing in His ability alone is quite freeing and contains the proper exchange necessary to live a victorious life as a Believer.

Oswald Chambers said, "An average view of the Christian life is that it means deliverance FROM trouble. It is deliverance IN trouble, which is very different." Well said. May we transition properly from our incorrect thinking on these matters and begin to embrace and find joy in our weakness.

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Richard B. said...

Trouble is not necessarily a sign of sin, but it is a sign you are still living. HOPE put in Jesus will not fail in the main purpose: making it to the end still being submitted to Christ. The twists of life are sometimes unexpected, but they are merely "things": obstructions along the narrow path that leads to eternal life. NOT giving up or giving in is the key lesson. Blessings RwB