Friday, May 24, 2024

THE Name


What if I told you that I had decided to call upon the Name of the Elohim (God) of Israel as “Allah” from now on? Would that be OK with you? I can, hypothetically of course, hear a resounding “No!!!!” from my Christian brothers and sisters.

Well, why is that? Ever since we started addressing the Almighty by Name - Yahweh – we’ve been told many reasons why that just doesn’t matter. “His Name is irrelevant. No one can really know what His Name is anyway. Everyone knows who ‘God’ really is.” And my two personal favorites – “He knows my heart” and “He knows Who I’m talking to.”

Now I’ve taught more formally on this topic for years, but I still find it so intriguing. How in the world have we arrived here? How have we forgotten the endless biblical instructions to “call upon His Name?” Well, it’s the same as the rest of the things that we have simply abandoned in our age of traditions.

The Word tells us that one must “call upon the Name to be saved.” We’re told to “proclaim His Name.” “We are to be baptized in His Name.” Revelation tells us that in the end of the age, His Name will be on the foreheads of His set apart ones. Perhaps one of the greatest biblical warnings that sums up where we’ve landed, in regards to the Name, is found throughout the Torah where we’re specifically told by Yahweh Himself, “do not profane My holy Name.” (Plainly stated, “don’t make It common” which is exactly what we have done.) Whenever I reflect back on my 40-plus years that I was in church, in a seat or on a stage speaking, I have no memory of any of us speaking about His Great Name – by Name – Yahweh.

As I’ve said in many videos over the last six years or so now, names are important. They reveal relationship. They demonstrate intimacy. Names are special. I felt compelled to touch on this again. It’s been a while. 

Consider this won’t you? Do you call upon the Name of Yahweh Elohim or is He just “God” to you? If not, consider stopping to ask why. 

HERE is the link to this article in audio form.

Sunday, May 12, 2024

Listen. Watch. Wait.


I love the poetic imagery of the Bible. Here Wisdom is speaking and calling out, for any who would listen. And, of course, "listen" here is more than a merely casual activity as one walks by Wisdom’s gates tending to other matters of the mind. It is engaged. It is active. The Hebrew use of this word is inseparable from action. And that action is obedience to what is heard. Do what you hear. Then, and only then, are you truly hearing as the Bible intends.

Watch daily at Wisdom’s gates. This watching is instructing us to fix one’s entire attention towards. Interestingly, waiting here is Hebrew “shamar” which is synonymous with keeping, guarding and protecting. It is the exact same word that is used to instruct us to “keep” the commandments.

I’ve spoken towards this word quite exhaustedly in podcast episodes over the last year. “Keeping”, in Hebrew understanding, is not what most presume. It is simply a treasuring and valuing of Father’s ways. Or, in this case, of Wisdom specifically.

And we are to do this at Wisdom’s doorposts. The opening that leads to where Wisdom dwells. The literal entrance to Wisdom’s abode. We are to expectedly show up, eager to peer in and receive what Wisdom is declaring.

In summary, we are to go to where Wisdom resides, fully engaged and longing to know what is spoken. Then we are to do it. We must treasure and value what is presented. We must guard it with all that we have and walk out in obedience.

I personally need to do this so much better. How about you?

Saturday, May 11, 2024

He Displays His Splendor Above the Heavens!


When I was a child, I was always interested in Creation. I had a microscope and a telescope and always loved things like birds and rocks. Even into my adulthood, my wife and I would go out to look for meteor showers. Even today my family loves watching the complexities of Creation. It's just part of who I am.

Last night we knew that there were to be lights in the heavens, so we planned to go out and watch. I have always wanted to see them, but had resigned to likely never do so. Much to our surprise, as darkness settled in, the light show began. I couldn’t believe it! We took hundreds of photos. We talked about the biblical records of what the heavens and the earth even are. We lifted our hands and praised Yahweh Most High and declared His great Name out of our mouths, as we set our gaze upon the heavens! At times, I literally had goosebumps as I let the praises of my mouth ascend to my Father while witnessing the works of His hands in the night sky!

Over the last several years, our understanding of this world that we live within has changed so much. As with everything else, we’ve unlearned popular belief systems towards Creation itself. We’ve traded in what science demands that we believe and embraced the Word of Elohim instead. Doing so has postured us to see His great majesty so much more clearly. Father is near to His Creation and last night the heavens reminded me of this. His Name – Yahweh – is majestic! Even so much more so than the wonderful heavenly lights that we were privileged to see last night.

I hope that you know him, friend. What a wonderful Creator!

Thursday, May 09, 2024

Understanding vs. Personal Opinion


Over the years I’ve learned to ask a lot of questions. At least to those who are truly capable of discussing deeper things. We all have our opinions and beliefs and many cannot maturely disagree as we strive for truth together. I get it. It’s just the way that it is.

For today’s verse, I would suggest that the proper way to read it would more appropriately say this: “A fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in disclosing his own inner man.”

While all of us contain the possibility of merely speaking our own foolish ways, there is a place to walk where what we stand upon, and disclose, is not merely our own opinion. There is absolute truth, yes. Yet we all individually possess it only in part.

So, what is the remedy? Let us not be a biblically-defined fool. Let us delight in understanding. The Hebrew word for “delight” here is quite interesting. This word is related to an item being bent, or curved. It is also insinuating one being inclined towards something. So let us bend towards understanding. Let us speak truth and not our own thoughts that flow from our own ideas and opinions, apart from Scripture.

And then, let us all receive one another well, in humility, in an effort to labor together. Perhaps then we can arrive at what Father says is true, and not merely a large collection of our own personal, foolish opinions.

Tuesday, May 07, 2024

Master! Save us!


We’ve spent some time as a family reading and meditating upon the account of Yeshua and His students in the boat, as the storm and waves came upon them. Most of us are familiar with the account. Yeshua is sleeping and His disciples are frantically losing their minds, as most of us would likely be found doing in that circumstance.

“Master, save! For we are in danger!” they exclaimed. I have to wonder, did they cry out “Hoshiana!” as they would when He would ride in on the back of the colt on a future day. “Hoshiana! (Save us!) Son of Elohim!” I like to wonder.
A rebuke of sorts comes from our Messiah. “Why are you afraid? Why do you have such small faith?”

It’s important for us to remember that the proper Hebrew understanding of the word “faith” is both believing *and* doing. It is intimately acquainted with “shema” that deems both hearing and obeying as inseparable. Here we see this same principle at work. True faith must look like something. As the Word tells us, it is a substance. It is no different for us today, if we truly desire to be found in the lineage of the men of faith and action that went before us.
So yes, here we see Yeshua correct His closest brothers. But then, He acts on their behalf. Here we see ourselves. We too are capable of being men of faith and action, yet too many times we simply do not walk in the necessary faith. Knowing this, Messiah corrects *and* He acts, on their behalf. In the end, He does exactly what they cried out for - He saves. And He is still doing this for all who will cry out to Him today. Selah.