Saturday, April 08, 2006

Fog Parable

Early in the morning, on my way out of an East Texas city recently, I noticed a thick layer of fog hovering over the ground. In many places it was smoke machine thick - only a foot or two off of the ground. The Lord spoke to me the following:

God began to show me that it was a metaphor of His presence "hovering" on the earth. Just a simple reminder that He is indeed here on His earth. As I pressed in to see what the Lord would show me about this parable, I noticed that in some areas the fog would be extremely dense. I thought to myself, "Ok, I'm no scientist, but I think You could allow me to understand this principle". I realized that the places where water was sitting, whether it was a large or small body of water, there was much more fog residing there. The "pooling" of the water "fuels" the fog. Just like His presence, where there's a "pool" of people seeking Him, the fog (His presence) will be so much thicker and stronger there. It will reside there. He will reside there. That dense fog will also become more noticeable and easier to see, the thicker that it is. Is this not His true desire for His church? For His glory and presence to rest in us and on us for the entire world to see? People are fed up with great programs and church politics. The only thing that will usher in true revival in this world is God's presence - noone can stand up under and deny the reality of His true presence.

Ask Him today to allow you to rest in that strong presence, to dwell there. His desire is not for us to walk in and out of it when it's convenient for us. He wants to blanket this earth with His presence - and He desires us, His true Church, to pool together and glorify Him alone - for the world to see.

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