Monday, April 10, 2006

Chihuahua Parable

God has been speaking to me via parables alot lately. It's as if everything around me, at times, is speaking Him. An example: I'm out in the country doing some work last week and walking down this long gravel road comes this little black chihuahua. He couldn't have weighed much more than a bag of sugar, but he was just trotting along as if he were on a mission. I said to myself, "where does he think he's going?". The Lord spoke to me and said the following over the process of the next few minutes: "He doesn't know where he's going, but he knows that his master has been down this path. He's simply following 'the scent' of his master and is motivated by that alone. He doesn't need to know the end result or even what would happen to him along the way. His sole desire is to keep his nose to the ground and follow that path to find his master."

I was amazed at the simplicity of it all. The more I dwelled on it, the more I was able to take out of it. This dog was not some majestic, black lab with head held high as he went down the road - he was a puny little chihuahua with nothing "great" about him. Yet he knew his mission, his duty. I want to encourage you today to seek out the path that God has paved for you. He says that He will make your paths straight, if you acknowledge Him - no matter how "puny" or useless you may often feel. Get on that road, get your nose to the ground and get on the move towards the Master.

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