Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Recent Words

Alot of what God has been speaking to me lately has been personal, but not completely. Here are two recent general "words".

April 7 – 8:55AM

Come up. Come up. Come up to the spirit realm. No evil can touch you here. Here you can see as I see. You desire to see as I see and feel as I feel. Come up. Come up. Rise above your earthly vessel for the Spirit in you desires to soar. This is not about pride, this is not about being above men. It is about residing with Me. Reside with me for I am in the heavenlies yet you can join Me here. Your spirit is already here, rise above it. From here, as if on the highest mountain, all looks different. You see all differently. You can see it all in My spirit realm. Come.

April 6 – 4:30PM – "Letter to the Lost"

I'm crying out to the people of the earth. Won't you come? Come into My temple. I don't demand that you come. I don't lure you in with temptations or with things that I do not intend do not deliver. I simply ask. I've dropped an invitation into your spirit. Won't you come? I long for you to come. I so desire for you to come. Here you will find rest. Here you will find peace. Here you will find all that you'll ever need and so much more. Here in Me. Reside here. Rest here. You belong here. I created you. I know you. Come. I love you. I see you. Come. I hear you. I'm calling you. Come. Rest. Rest. Rest. Here I await you. Life awaits you. True life, for until now you've only known death. This death is earthly life – a flesh life. Come into the springs of true everlasting life – a spirit life – life that flows from My throne. Come – tarry no longer. Come.

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