Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Something Even Jesus Doesn't Know

During some prayer time this morning, I had a vision that I was talking with Jesus. He was sitting on the edge of His throne and I found myself discussing His return with Him. Through a tearful grin, I was saying, "Jesus, you don't know either, do You?". (Almost saying this in a realization kind of way as I prayed). He said, "You're right, I have no idea either." It was almost jovial as I even chuckled a bit as this was going on. It was so sweet, so real. I then felt that I saw Him speaking with God Himself, having a conversation of sorts. I felt led to write it out as it unfolded to me.

"Is it today Father? Today, may I go to My children? Today, may I go down and rescue My people? I long for them to be here – to see what We see, to see You as I see You. I want them to see Your glory, Our glory. I long for them to know that their struggles, their pains, their battles are not in vain, for We have won! We have already won! If they could only see the glory of this place. Your glory, Our glory. Oh how I long to go receive My people unto Myself. (I felt He then looked to me and said to me specifically, by name, how He longed to come for me, even now) To hold them close, to allow them to gaze into My face – to see what few have seen. To touch what few have touched. To reside here with Us, forever. Forever, Father. They cannot comprehend, their minds cannot conceive all that heaven entails. Today Father, today. May I go? May I go down and receive them unto Ourselves?

The earth is growing cold. People are losing hope, Many are growing weary and faint. May I go? If they could only see what We see. If they could only believe that Your presence can be obtained there now, even on the sinful and dark earth. Who will see Us? Who will tell? Who has seen the glory of the Lord? I long for them to see Your glory! If they could only see My nail–scarred hands and feet. Let Me go. Oh, how I long to go. I will wait on You Father. for I know not the day nor the hour, just as man knows not the day or the hour. I am ready. I am willing to go now as I was willing to go then. Then I went to give, this time I go to receive. Receive them unto Myself and carry them home – this eternal home. Send Me to harvest My people, Your people. Today Father? May it be today?"

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