Thursday, May 04, 2006

A Seer of His Fire & Glory

I had an amazing time with the Lord this morning. Emotions ran from weeping to speaking powerfully and loudly and everything in between. At one point I found myself speaking fire down from Heaven. Fire over the earth, fire over specific places and homes. Realized I was speaking it over a specific house and even found myself making motions of picking up this house as I saw it below me. I was picking it up and shaking it, saying "Lord, shake up this house and all that's in it." Was powerful.

I was also having visions of where God is as I'd go back and forth from praising Him to telling Him I wanted to see His glory. I believe in God, I have faith He is real. That alone is enough for me to come before Him with confidence, but I want more. I want to see that trail of His glory. I want Him to speak to me as He did with Moses – as one man speaks to another. I truly begged Him to take me where He resides.

I've never had a time with the Lord quite like this one. I've never spoken such powerful words such as "may Your fire and sword come from my mouth!" and "let Your holy fire fall onto this earth!" and so on. It was truly amazing – invigorating, as I know it was simply the Holy Spirit.

Although I didn't "see" His glory as my heart desires, I believe I will one day. And I mean as in one of my earthly days. I found myself praying specifics regarding that I'd see the heavenly realm at all times, not just here alone or at a worship service. I found myself speaking out that I'd see angels hovering over houses, longing to go in. That I'd see Jesus Himself standing beside a woman at the grocery store, longing for her to invite Him into her life. That I'd literally see His glory moving throughout this earth wherever I go.

I believe, perhaps more than I believe anything, that I have God's attention. Please understand, it's not that I'm special or more deserving of His presence any more than anyone else that has ever walked the earth. But something in my spirit confirms to me that He is listening intently. That my prayers, my desire to literally see Him has caught His complete attention. I read about the prophets of the Old Testament – Jeremiah, Elijah, Ezekiel – I read about Moses. All I see are ordinary men with an extraordinary faith. I want to see God's glory, I want to see His fire fall from Heaven, I want to see visions of Heavenly beings, I want to see it all. And as I continue to press in, even when I don't feel like it, and as God allows me to enter into His holy presence, I believe that one day, I too will see the heavenly realm and God Himself before my very eyes.

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