Wednesday, May 03, 2006

And God speaks...through my deodorant?

You know that you're walking in a time of your life when God is really speaking to you when you get "revelations" from your deodorant names. Ok, so I know it might be a stretch, but I don't limit God to anything these days. I mean, let's be honest, it was said that rocks will praise Him if we don't and even donkeys have spoken, so go ahead and wipe that "this guy is crazy" look off of your face.

Back in February, God began to really do a major overhaul in my life and draw me back unto Himself. Or, another view of course is that I simply responded to that ongoing call by giving Him My everything. Either way, I realized that the deodorant that I had been using at that time (and until yesterday – I had a two pack, ok) was called CLEAN SLATE. When I noticed this, my spirit immediately thought of all that had happened throughout the last 10 weeks or so. I was washed clean and it was if I had a new beginning, a fresh start, a "clean slate".

It gets better. As inquisitive as I am, I let my mind take this simple thought down many roads as I thought about the new life and joy that I'd received in recent days. I then thought, "I have to see what the scent I'm using now is!". Did I get the same "Clean Slate" again? I was hoping not. I went straight to the medicine cabinet and reached in for the latest deodorant arrival. I turn it over in great anticipation and what do I find? It's called OCEAN BLAST. I was invigorated. You may be thinking, "Ocean Blast? What's so great about that?" Well, I was dirty, I was in need of a "clean slate" and God did that work in me. Now I'm longing to go to the great depths of His presence – into the deep waters of who He is. So an "Ocean Blast" is right up my alley.

So there you have it. An encouraging word of how God longs to speak to us…even through our deodorant.

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