Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Candle Wick (Word)

Cut off the dead wick. When a candle is burning, the end of the wick often grows too long and lays back into the wax, cutting off its ability to burn brightly. Cut off the dead wick. Remove the old and allow the new to spring forth. Remove the dead so that new life might burn strong and burn bright. What is dead in you? Anything that is not of Me. Remove all that is of your flesh and embrace all that I am. I am love, I am peace. I am joy, I am acceptance. I am forgiveness, I am patience. Cut off the death that tries to cling to your life so that people will see Me burning bright within you, day and night. I am all about the new. Cut off the dead wick in your life and burn – burn for all to see.

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