Friday, June 16, 2006

Parable-ish Thoughts Part 2

New And Rarely Improved

Ok, so I work detailing cars. One thing that always interests me is when a new product comes out that makes the work easier. In this case, I need a new tire brush. You know the ones. They have the brass bristles and are generally small for use on tires. I have often seen "new and improved" ones with super grip rubber handles or angled bristles and so on. I've tried several of these with nowhere near the results of the regular, cheap, run of the mill brush. It got me to thinking about how this is often how God must feel. We're always looking for "bigger, better, re–designed" things that we think will make everything easier for us. As we've all likely discovered, just like the disappointment of these "new and improved" brushes, we end up empty and let down at the results. All along God is saying, My way is STILL the best way. My plans are STILL the best plans. Noone can improve what the Lord has planned for you and I. Noone and no–thing can assist in what God has ordained for your life. So don't be so quick to look for the "latest and greatest". Stick with Who is from everlasting to everlasting and Who has no beginning and no end. Leave those "new things" on the shelf where they belong.

Quality 1 Quantity 0

Running a mobile auto detailing business has its challenges. You obviously want to go to the offices where you can get the most cars in the least amount of time, without too much travel time in between. Sometimes I find myself passing up small, nearly empty parking lots in order to get to the good sized lots full of cars. It increases my chances of making big money right? Of course it does. Or does it? Drawing from my history of doing this business for nearly 10 years now, I've discovered that quantity does not always add up to more money. Example: In the large lot, I may get 10 cars but they all want exterior washes only. I may go where there is only 1 car, but they want a complete detail from front to back. In theory, I'd make more money doing the one car and usually spend less time working on it as well. Not to mention the simplicity of only having to deal with one owner and one set of keys. Of course this isn't always the case, but there is always less hassle when you only have to deal with one person and one vehicle. So, as I drove along today and passed up a small, nearly empty lot, the Lord prompted me to make sure that I don't always pass up the seemingly small and insignificant ones in life as I fly along the road looking for my next destination. The bigger blessing and opportunity may just be where that one is sitting all alone, in need of care and attention. Lord, may I stop and seek out the "ones" rather than always be on the lookout for the "many", for I know that Your eyes overlook noone and never pass by what I may see as "insignificant".

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