Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Prophets / Words of God (Word)

Where are My prophets of old? So many say they hear Me, when they hear nothing but themselves, their prideful minds, their flesh. As in the days of Micaiah, many say, "Thus saith the Lord!", but I know not of what they speak. They speak only what the ears of the world desire to hear. Flattery, success, fame, fortune – are these My will? Did I not say that you must become the least of these? Did My Son not come to earth as a humble servant to all mankind? Humble yourself before me, seek Me, I will speak. Rest under the shelter of My wings and I will speak. Enter the Most Holy Place and I will speak. I do not speak in your pride. I do not speak in your selfishness for your flesh has no room for Me. Do you not see? You do not have to shout or beg, for I am speaking even now. Do you hear? I am not of this world, for sin runs rampant throughout it's span. In My throne, in My sanctuary is where you will hear My voice. I long to speak through My people. Who will announce the coming of the Lord? Who will shout to the nations His coming? Who will speak the truth that is on My lips? It rests on My lips and Mine alone. Will your ears hear? My voice is only found where I reside. Come. Come. Come up. Come in. I have invited you here. I am inviting you here. Allow your spirit to come up to where I am, for here you will hear My voice. Get above the noise and clutter of your world and come up. Hear My voice. Hear Me, for I long for My glory to be seen on the earth as it is seen even now in Heaven. My glory is here. My glory has always been here. Who will call My glory down onto the earth? I long to show My glory. Be silent, listen and speak My words. My words. My words.

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