Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Surrounded (Word)

Do you see? Do you see as I see? Do you see as Elisha saw? I'm all around you. Surrounded. Surrounded. You are surrounded. As a mighty lion watches over the young, so am I watching over you. You are surrounded. Nothing and noone may enter where I do not allow them to enter. No harm may come into your presence when I do not allow it. Do you see? Armies of angels surround you, for you are Mine. You are Mine. No demon can touch you if I do not allow it, for I once created him as I created you. Who commands Me? Who instructs Me? Who tells me to go here or there? I go as I please. I move as I please. I am. I am all around you. There are times to run as in an open field – I am there. There are times to sit and rest, under my shadow and shelter – I am there. Wherever you go, go in Me. Move in Me. Take no steps out from under My shelter and guidance. You alone limit all that I long for you to see. Look around you. See Me at work. Don't just look for Me in the physical, for this should be obvious. Look for Me in the realms of the Spirit, for here I reside. Resist your fleshly desire to remain only in the physical. Though unseen by many a man, the spiritual realm is as real as the physical realm. Look. Look in. Keep your gaze on Me, for this is where you will see My Heavenly realm. Surrounded. You are surrounded.

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