Friday, July 07, 2006

My Glory (Word)

Do you see? Few see. It's all about My glory. All is for My glory. Man has trouble with this concept because you're prideful. Sin deceives and corrupts your view. Pride has no place here, for no sin can enter My presence. I long to show My glory to all nations. The time is here. The time is now. I am all around. I will be going to reveal even more of Who I am. Look. Do you not see? What is enough to believe? Who will believe? What will it take for man to believe? Angels on earth as in Heaven. Power and glory on earth as it is in Heaven. Oh how I long for you to see My glory. One touch, one taste, one glimpse of My glory could change all of mankind. Do you not see? You have seen but a pebble in the mighty mountain. I am the mighty mountain. My glory cannot be measured. It cannot be weighed. All the earth is crying out for something real. I am real. They cry out for something magnificent. I am magnificent. Their souls long for purpose and hope. I alone am purpose and hope. How will they see My glory? I will reveal it. Proclaim My glory above all else. Above all. My glory, above all.

God is moving - He is advancing His agenda into the world. Prepare.

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