Thursday, July 06, 2006

Moravian Falls - God, are You there?

After returning from a trip up to Northwestern Pennsylvania this week, I've seemingly become even more fascinated with the supernatural. Of course this has not been instantaneous, but rather a result from numerous personal moments in prayer and worship over the last few months. I've felt the presence of angels, physical touches from God Himself, visions of places and situations that are truly not of this world.

On our last day of traveling, my wife and I decided to stop off at Moravian Falls, North Carolina and pray for a while. For those that aren't familiar, this place was once home to a people known as Moravians that held 24–hour prayer vigils for over 100 years on this area of land. History accounts that they experienced open windows to the heavens there as they openly invited the Lord's presence around the clock. Numerous modern day prophets and lay people alike have also experienced "open heavens" and angelic visitations while there. Needless to say, we were interested to check it out. We had a hard time finding the place and then when we did finally arrive there, we were a bit disappointed at what we found. An old, run down campground, signs saying "registered guests only" around what we assumed to be the falls and an all–around "nothing what we expected" mentality is all that we found upon our arrival. I went in to the campground office and got "permission" to go over and around the falls. We then proceeded to walk over to the general vicinity and then just stood there, really. I thought to myself, "Lord, is this it? Is this where so many people have experienced Your overwhelming presence and indescribable heavenly activity?". We thought that we must be in the wrong place because this surely couldn’t be right. After walking around for a bit and knowing that we still had several hours to drive to get home, we returned to our car and continued on our way – mildly discouraged.

So did we see angels? No. Did I see visions of heaven like I'd never even imagined? No. Were heavenly creatures visibly walking the earth there? No. Is God limited to one geographical area or fraction of time? Of course not. He is here. I'd be lying if I said that I didn't have eager hopes of experiencing an "on earth as it is in heaven" type experience while there, but I know this – we didn't leave God there. His supernatural presence has no limits, no boundaries. The way I see it, wouldn't it be better for Him to create an open heaven here at my home rather than somewhere that I'd have to drive to anyway? (Smile)

God may not "show up" where you think He should. God may not be a part of what you want Him to be a part of. Who are we to dictate where God reveals Himself and where He moves? Seek Him where you are. Invite His awesome presence down right where you are – that's what I intend to do.

Great Random Quote: If the Holy Spirit was withdrawn from the Church today, ninety percent of the church would go right on as though nothing had happened.


Anonymous said...

Please consider reading The Ancient Portals of Heaven by David Herzog. The book explains that what you were seeking was the portal or door to heaven which was open by the Morvians many many years ago, if you can imagine a door with spring that pulls the door shut when there is no longer pressure to hold it open. The force of prayer can re-open this door. By opening this door you gain access to open heavens and the explosive power of God, that I beleive will soon flow at greater strength than ever before, in the soon to come battle. Yes, you can connect with God at home, but this connection is exactlyt what you are looking for. We will need this power to flow in the fullness for this day that comes soon. The Bible says some will come in and go out, They will come hither....A very powerfully annointed Christian music ministry has come to this area and the glory flows heavy in their ministry. I believe God has told me to show this group the book by David Herzog and provide the information about the Morvian Church so that we can gather a group of people to pray were the Morvians prayed at "this portal".

May the Lord bless you and yours, and keep you safe in the dangerous times ahead.

Anonymous said...

How can we be sure that we are honoring GOD BY FOLLOWING THESE portals. Are theseveral portals demonic? How can we be sure?

Joel Spencer said...

Anonymous: I don't follow portals. I follow Jesus Christ. Only maturity in the Lord can assist us in defining demonic versus angelic as we know our enemy masquerades as a messenger of light.

Suzie Homemaker said...

you should have found the Mt top.

I have been to the falls camping 2 yrs now. I always feel God's presents there. they don't just want you to walk at falls unannounced , so I have learned camping there, because of the high # of snakes in the water. I as camper I just go walk there and have seen those snakes. It is with good reason to ask to go. safety not control issue. the owners are good God fear/loving people.

anyway the MT talked of in the website i posted is where you will hear from God if you are in the right place. not just on the MT but your heart. I have gotten big things from Him there. Just got back from Moravian falls NC yesterday in fact. went to Mt WEDS. GOT ME A GOOD WORD FROM THE LORD UP ON THE MT. CALL MORNINGSTAR THEY WILL TELL YOU HOW TO GET THERE. IT IS NOT EASY TO FIND. YOU HAVE TO LOOK. oops hit caps sorry.

Anonymous said...

"Suzie Homemaker" is correct. Go up Prayer Mountain, but prepare your heart and mind ahead of time with God.
2 Kings 6: 17 gives us a great example of this: "Then Elisha prayed and said, “O LORD, please open his eyes that he may see.” So the LORD opened the eyes of the young man, and he saw, and behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha."
It's not about seeing them with our natural eyes that is important. It's us being open and aware to the things of God.
~ Blessings