Monday, July 24, 2006

New Life (Word)

I am the Creator. I created you in your mother's womb. I created you again at salvation. I am the Creator. Original life, then new life. New life. I created My Son, Jesus to enter the world from an earthly woman, I also created His new life from death so that you might have life. Eternal life. Real life. It's all about the new. I long for new life to spring forth. I want to use you to usher it in. Who will be my laborers? Who will bear the labor pains in order to rejoice at the new births? The world is longing for life. I am the life. Many are dying without new life. Many perish in their sin and death. This is not My desire. I long for all to come to know My life, for it is why you are here. Who will tell them? How many more will die in their sin and never know true life? Go! Go! They must hear. They must see, they must taste of this new life. Just as you have tasted and seen, desire above all else for others to as well. I am the life–giver. I have no use for the dead for the dead know not life. Live for Me. Live in Me. New life. New life. I long to create new life.

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