Monday, July 31, 2006

Only I Can Keep Him Away (Word)

After meeting with the Lord for a only a few minutes this morning, I was contemplating my difficulty in being able to focus on Him during worship at church yesterday. It seemed that I only had glimpses of His presence there. I wanted to enter in, I wanted to become engulfed in Him, but couldn’t seem to get my mind to let go of my surroundings and my thoughts. I realized early on that I had carried that frustration into today. I'm reminded of the song by David Crowder that says something like this about God's presence, "Sometimes You're in the distance, sometimes You're closer than my skin." Just like that, it's my desire and longing for His presence to remain true and focused. The Lord spoke this to me as I sought Him about it this morning:

No one can keep you from Me, but you. No one and no thing can keep you away. Do you see? No demon, no worldly temptation, no frustration, nothing. Don't focus on your disappointments. Let go of your mistakes and missed opportunities for today is a new day. Seek Me here. Seek Me now. Do you see the spirit of the Lord all around you? Can you feel Me all around you? I am here. I am longing for your present. Long for Me in the present. Don't worry about yesterday or tomorrow, see me here and now. See Me high and lifted up. See My temple. You will be here soon. Soon there will be no limitations, no distractions. Push through, for it's just beyond your flesh that your spirit lives. Die to your flesh, tell it to go. Tell the darkness it has no place in you. You are Mine. My Son's blood has sealed you. Only you can keep yourself from My presence. Run. Run to Me.

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