Tuesday, July 18, 2006

We Are Pictures

We are pictures. Visible snapshots, if you will, of the reality of God. You do realize that not everyone believes that God exists, right?

To make my point, let's examine how many people here on the East Coast have never been to the West Coast. For the sake of being a bit more precise, let's refer to the state of California. Of course there is no debate that California actually exists now is there? Well why is that? It's simply due to the fact that millions of people, over the course of time have been there (and, of course, living there now). Reports come from there of activities that are constantly taking place in the vicinity. Perhaps you've seen pictures of cities there – either from a stranger or possibly even from someone close to you. Pictures on your television or newspaper are OK and certainly assist in your belief that California exists, but how much greater is it to get a first–hand account of someone's travels there? There's just something about hearing the excitement in their voice as they describe their experience in great detail. What they saw, surprises around each corner and perhaps even some tough times along the way. No matter what they encountered, the journey was real. Their experience was real. Despite the fact that you had never been there or seen it yourself, you had come to the conclusion that California was, in fact, a real place. You had seen it, even if through someone else's eyes via their photos and descriptions. Yes, you could now conclude that it was not a mere myth. California is a reality. What you have just experienced is actually faith in it's simplest form.

Just like this, you and I, as believers in Christ are walking and talking photos of our Lord. Or at least we should be. It all must start with making sure others even know that you've seen and heard Him yourself. Where have you been in the Lord? What have you seen? What have you heard? To what great depths of His awesome presence have you gone? Others will only know of the reality of God if we, who have seen, show the "pictures" of who He is. May we be more like a tour guide than one who whips out a few photos from a "remember when" trip into His presence. Spend time with Him, get to know His every facet, His unfathomable qualities and experience all that He is. Then, get out there, share Who He is and what you have seen. Go to great detail to explain His vast terrain and boundless territory.

If you, like the one that have never been out to the West Coast and can only go on what they've heard from others, feel like your belief in God is un–chartered territory, then I encourage you to seek Him. Get a map (The Bible), turn on your On–Star assistance (Prayer) and get on the road to discovering all that He is. He is real. He is alive. He is longing for you to come to Him. Chart a course and go. Don't attempt to figure it all out, just go. He longs to be your provider and guide. Rely on Him and your destination will be sure.
To my fellow Christians, let's tend to our Master's business and present our knowledge and experiences of the Lord to those that are all around us. People are wandering with no purpose, direction or hope and God alone is the cure. May we, His church, be found sharing the wonders of His glory to the ends of the earth for we are pictures – pictures of His immeasurable glory.

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