Monday, July 17, 2006

Reveal Your Glory

Anyone that has ever rented an apartment or home knows that you often have the desire to make improvements to them. It may be fresh paint or some new trim here and there. Maybe you'd like to add that skylight in the bathroom that you've always wanted. In most any case however, you're not allowed to make any major alterations to a rented home because it's not really yours. It's the owners responsibility and possession. You simply reside there. Only the owner would make any major renovations to the home.

Let me change some serious gears here – stay attentive and follow along. The space shuttle is scheduled to return back to earth this morning. As I thought about this, I remembered that I had run across the NASA channel on our dish network a while back. I found it and watched for a few moments as they showed the shuttle's exact placement in space as it moved toward the earth's atmosphere. In my spirit, I began to feel a stirring. It was so strong, it was almost becoming physical. I began to pray that the crew would see God's glory as they took in their last few views of the vast universe. I then found myself pleading with God to reveal His glory in the skies. I envisioned millions of people across the earth watching the shuttle return home via their local television. Cameras would capture this moment and send it worldwide to be repeated over and over for all to see. I saw chariots of fire riding across the sky. I saw angels soaring back and forth from the heavenlies into the earth's atmosphere. I saw Jesus Himself descending in the clouds. I shouted to the Lord, "Come! Come ! Let Your glory be seen on YOUR earth!"

You see, just as the renter of a home truly has no right to alter characteristics of that home without the owners permission, we reside here on God's earth, His creation. God is the creator of all that we see and even all that we do not. In Colossians, it states that He is the Image of the Invisible. All of the universe is His. It is His right to do as He wills. Yes, we who know Him are heirs to His kingdom, but all of the universe is His handiwork. He has complete ownership. May we be responsible heirs and call down His presence. May we be found seeking His will on behalf of this entire earth. May His glory been seen on earth as it is in Heaven! Lord, come now, I invite You here – reveal Your glory for all to see. Signs and wonders Lord. Signs and wonders. May we see Your glory!

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