Thursday, July 13, 2006

Run After Me (Word)

Go! Go! Go! You know this world isn't lasting – why do you tarry? Why do you still remain in the world? When will you see all as I see? I do not even see what you see. I see the eternal. The temporal is here today and gone tomorrow. Why do you even give it a thought? All will burn with fire, yet you still tend to these things. Lay it all down. When I say 'Follow Me', I mean run hard after Me. Run! Run! Don't slow down to look to the right or to the left, run! I want nothing else to concern you but Me. For if all you see is Me, then you will see My heart, My will, My desires. It is only then that you will see all as I see. Don't worry about looking for it all. Look for Me. You struggle and strain to see as I see – I love your desire, for it is true. But simply look to Me and all else will unfold. When you see Me, you will see My glory. When you look to Me, you will see the spirit realm, the eternal realm. When you look to Me, you will see the eternal, for I am the eternal One. See as I see. Run after it. Run after Me as if you have no other purpose for it is your purpose. See Me. Run after Me. Run after Me.

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