Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Infiltrate Our Land

Yesterday evening, my wife and I saw something extraordinary. As I walked about our kitchen, I stopped to look out the window into our backyard as I often do. I saw something moving about back there, so I turned to see what it was. It was a very small deer fawn, walking around and coming toward the house. I understand that for many people, this is a normal circumstance, but not here. Although the city that we live in is no metropolis, seeing deer in our yard was pretty surprising. We even walked out further to follow it into the empty lot behind our house and saw the fawn and an adult deer bound off into the tree line. Thinking about them this morning, the Lord spoke to me in several parables. They gave me an understanding of how I want to see the extraordinary manifest itself in my everyday life. I want to see God do things in the natural that just don't seem "normal". I desire for Him to bring His glory and power down into places that I wouldn't expect it.

Just like it seemed that the deer didn't "belong" here, they were likely here before any houses were ever built by man. In just the same way, God created us, He was here before time even existed, yet we too often crowd Him out with our "growth and progress". He desires to infiltrate our land with His presence and remind us that He is here, longing to reveal Himself to the world. Look for Him in places where you wouldn't expect Him. Call down His glory where you would normally be simply going about your business. Just like the deer that we saw yesterday, He longs to come onto our land and make His presence known in unexpected places. He was, He is and He forever will be.

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