Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Incomprehensible Glory (Word)

Most words from the Lord, for me, come quietly as I'm in worship or prayer. Sometimes however, they're pretty intense. This one yesterday was very intense as the spirit of the Lord was really weighing heavily upon me. As I typed it out through the tears, the result was very powerful.

I am an untapped resource. Even after thousands of years, man has seen but a glimpse of all that I am. Look for more, ask for more. Position you spirit to receive more. I have not revealed all that I am. Time cannot contain all that I am. If you were to dedicate your whole life to discovering My ways, there would not be enough time. I know that you believe, but can you comprehend that I was before time? I created the universe, the vast heavens, the distant galaxies that no human eye will ever even see. You are surrounded with hosts of angels. They cover the entire earth. Heavenly creatures worship Me day and night and My glory is all the light that is needed. On your own, with your own intellect, you cannot fathom all that I am. But with your spirit, the spirit of the Lord that is in you, you may see. Unveil your eyes, remove the scales so that you may see in the spirit. All that you envision and so much more is real, do not doubt. If I were to allow you to see it all, you would not understand, for it is beyond human comprehension. Come in the spirit. See in the spirit. See "son/daughter", see. Push through your distractions and your mind and see. I know your heart, I see your heart, but all must be in order. You must take control of your flesh. Your spirit must overrule the flesh in all areas. I have called you, but this call is great. You cannot walk as you once walked, you must run after me. You must give Me your all. I've heard your cry, I've seen your tears. Stay here, stay humbled, stay soft, stay moldable. It's here that I long for you to grow and to be nurtured. Look to Jesus to be your teacher, for He walked as you walk and was tempted as you are tempted. His flesh was as real as yours, yet He overcame. Ask Him. Seek Him. He is your source. The Holy Spirit has revealed much to you, but in the days to come, much more will be shown. Look. See. You will see Me soon. You will see Me soon. Never stop looking, for it is not in vain. Never stop, never get down – charge ahead for what is behind is gone. Forge ahead and see My glory. I know you want to see My glory, lay everything down and run to it. You know I'm here, you know I long to give, but you must run. Run.

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