Friday, August 11, 2006

Routine vs. Revival

My wife and I have been fasting this week, we've attended a prayer and worship service on Wednesday night (our church normally doesn't have a corporate service on Wed.) and have made several other changes in our normal schedules this week. I've been quickly reminded how even small changes in my daily routine allows God to move. Even though I've been allowing a good bit of time each day to meet with Him, changes in my schedule have ushered a sort of refreshing. I've become aware of certain things that I had become lazy with and have reminded my flesh that my spirit is the one behind the wheel. Even late into the night last night, after my wife had gone to bed, I felt a stirring in me - I was even fidgety physically as I typed some stuff on the computer. I decided to turn everything off but some instrumental music and stay up for a while with the Lord. In the darkness last night there was just a sweetness to His presence, a freshness. It was not an ordinary circumstance you see, it was out of the ordinary for me to be up this late, worshipping the Lord. It's not that God's presence changes necessarily, it's just that we can "routine-a-lize" anything. I'd encourage you to change some things up in your life for a few days. It may be hard, but just ask God to take what you're giving up and fill it with His presence. It is surely better than any food, television show or book that you can read. Stir things up and see what the Lord will speak to you this week, you won't be disappointed.

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