Saturday, August 12, 2006

God's Audible Voice

During some prayer and worship time here at the house one night this week, I experienced something that I'm not sure I've ever really experienced before. It was late and other than a small candle on my desk, all was dark. Instrumental music was playing quietly in the background and I was in the study all by myself. About 30 minutes or so in, I had this uneasy feeling wash over me as I prayed. What had happened was I was praying for God to speak to me, to reveal His glory to me. Then it hit me – I felt that God could speak audibly to me at any moment. To be completely honest, I was terrified. The reality that God could speak audibly to me at any upcoming moment gave me chills, literally. I've often felt the presence of angels here during these times and that, in itself, though awesome, is a bit awkward at times. To describe it, it was almost like how one winces right before something shocking or painful is about to happen. No, I don't believe that God's audible voice would be painful, but you get my point. I truly believed that it could happen at any moment and in that frame of time, I encountered another facet of God. We read in the Bible things like, "No man may see Me and live" and people being so afraid of the voice of the Lord. Even angelic encounters were almost always initiated with accounts of their having to say, "Do not fear". People, we serve a mighty God. He is not some angry judge throwing lightning bolts down from Heaven, but He is holy, He is mighty. When we come face to face with Him, we have no other option but to stand in holy fear as He is God and we are man. Have you rejoiced today in the fact that your God is the absolute ruler over all? We need not fear anything, for our God truly reigns with a mighty hand.

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