Friday, August 04, 2006

Neck Pain & God's Peace

Whether it be due to a heavy workload or simply sleeping awkwardly, I often have neck pain. After a busy day of work and a near fall yesterday, this morning I woke up to some serious pain. After some coffee, Advil and several minutes under a massager, it's still there. I even decided to add a pain patch to the troubled area just to make sure it doesn't have a chance. As I was pondering the pain, I felt that the Lord was speaking to me. I've had a rough couple of days, spiritually speaking, as well. My spirit is sore, aching. I've been very busy and when I haven't been busy, I've been lazy and my spirit is suffering. I've made some decisions here and there to seek to do what I want to do rather than to seek the Lord.

He's saying this to me this morning (and perhaps to some of you): Just as your muscles ache, so does your spirit ache. You can no longer make it on your own. Your relationship with Me has gone to greater depths, a true relationship has been established. Just as your neck requires attention in order to bring the relaxation of the muscles, so too does your spirit need attention. Will you tend to your physical man, but let your spirit man continue on in need? Why do you always see the physical so easily? You must see by the spirit. Learn to look first to the spirit. Feel your spirit man as you so easily feel your physical man. You can only do this by running to Me and spending time with me. Run to Me, not away from Me when you're hurting. I long to bring you relief and peace. In Me is all that you need. You will find joy in no other like you find in Me. Look to Me. Feed your spirit, tend to your spirit. Run to Me.


rave.n said...

This was a word in due season.

I've thinking a lot about how easy it is for me to watch the same episode of a single television show multiple times AND how I can even try and rearrange my schedule sometimes to make it home for a cool movie or show on television.

Why can't I give God that same attention? Granted a personal Bible study isn't full of hypnotic special effects, hd picture quality and surround sound -- but there are plenty of times after pressing into His presence that I have walked away with clarity better than any television set, comfort that surpasses any lifetime movie and an overall experience that speilberg would be hard pressed to capture on film.


Kay said...

Why do we think we can feed everything else but our spirit and stay strong? We fill a gas tank when on E, we eat when we are hungry, and find time to meet our fleshly needs. Once again God speaks through "Neck Pain & God's Peace". A great reminder to not let one day go by without "filling up".