Thursday, October 19, 2006

Fulfillment Fest Summary #1

Since I could literally spend hours explaining all of the amazing things that took place throughout my 3+ weeks at Fulfillment Fest, I'm choosing to break it down to the three main "mandates" that the Lord gave me during my time there. I intend to post them in three installments over the next few days. They're not experiential events necessarily, but vital issues that God has called me (and you) to be responsible with praying for on a daily basis.

While there, the Lord spoke to me often via dreams, visions and parables (through everyday items and occurrences). He kept speaking the words, "My Children" to me over the course of several days. The first definition of His children was revealed as a Mandate for Abortion. I woke up one morning during the first week with a grotesquely vivid dream of a young child being run over by a car. I woke up disgusted and attempted to "pray it away". The Lord told me that it was what He wanted me to see and the scene then began to play over and over again in my head. I told Him that it was too disgusting to "watch", He agreed. He then proceeded to tell me that He has seen this disgusting site thousands of times every day for years and each time is as painful as the first – His children being aborted in their mothers womb. I confessed that I had been ignorant and blind to the issue and could no longer be so irresponsible. He led me to Romans 1:20 which says I am "without excuse" and can be ignorant any longer.

Am I called to slander and condemn the mothers of their decision? No. Am I called to bomb and terrorize abortion clinics? Of course not. I will however pray as the Spirit leads me to on this issue. May God touch the hearts of the mothers and infiltrate their hopelessness. May He convict and call out the doctors and nurses of this profession. From this day forward I will join the fight for those that have no voice – no longer can I stand by and let the devil steal the lives of those formed and destined by God in their mothers womb.

Mandate #1: His Children: The Aborted

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Heather said...

Wow Joel! Being against abortion anyway I totally agree with you. It's amazing how the Lord opened your eyes to this issue. It's amazing how when we listen we can hear what we haven't been able to hear before. I look forward to reading more from your journey.