Thursday, November 02, 2006

Chainsaws, Corpses & Children

Why are we so ignorant? Why in the world do we take our children to view things that we'll spend years trying to explain away as "not real"? These are just two of the many questions that popped into my head when I was viewing pictures online from several local newspapers of children screaming as they're being chased by chainsaw wielding corpses or demonic creatures with blood running down their faces. Meanwhile, most parents are laughing and carrying on in the background as if it's the greatest form of entertainment available. This is not some "anti–Halloween, there can be no fun in your life" type post. (If you think that, then this is obviously your first time to this blog.) It goes much deeper than that. When I was out and about with a friend last week, I saw house after house with Halloween decorations, 9 out of 10 having gravestones, dead bodies or some sort of representation of death in their yards. I commented that for a people that so often claim to never think of the afterlife and don't even believe in heaven or hell, we sure seem obsessed with death. And why are there thirty demon and devil costumes to every one angel or princess costume during this "holiday"? I ask this seriously, not looking for a "because it's the devil's holiday" kind of response in mind. The devil no more has a day for himself than I have a million dollars in my wallet.

Of course most parents, I would assume, would scoff at the idea of this actually having anything to do with a real devil and real demons. It's all just harmless fun, right? Well I'd encourage the parents that spend their hard–earned money to take their kids to haunted houses to be chased by bloody axe murderers, to take a step back and look at their child's face. Look into their eyes and ask, "what if this is real? What if this is really going to haunt their memories? What if this isn't all just a big joke?" See their fear, that is real. See their tears, they too are real. Parents, wake up, you have a responsibility to protect your child that far outweighs "harmless fun".

So long for another year Halloween, you will not be missed.

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Anonymous said...

I am SO there with you on this!

As a people, we so often choose death over life and then ask God to rescue us from the curses we have intentionally invited into our families. The amazing thing about Jesus is that He actually comes to our aid. How He loves us to a depth that defies comprehension. We are incredibly stupid creatures at times.

Thank you for speaking the truth and for blasting it out over Myspace. Needs to be said and heard.

Many blessings to you and yours...Christina