Tuesday, December 19, 2006

My Ways: Flawed & Futile

For several weeks now I've been mulling over purchasing a new digital camera. We've had ours for nearly two years now and it's starting to act up a bit. Also, I've started taking a lot of pictures lately too. Mainly of the sky – cloud formations, sun dogs (otherwise known as parhelion, which I prefer) etc. So anyway, I've been tracking this particular camera online that's been on sale at Best Buy for over $100 off for days now. After a few days out of town, the bank accounts needed reloaded for me to buy this camera, so I was awaiting the arrival of several deposits. I had repeatedly checked the sale status of the camera and all was well. It was still on this dramatic sale and would even be sent to us with free shipping.

When I got onto the computer this morning and checked the bank account, all was a go. I scurried over to the already open order page and proceeded to buy this camera. Panic quickly ensued. I was on step 3 of the process and the full price was still showing in the balance. After going through several more steps and moments of understanding the obvious, I realized that the sale had ended. The camera was now $110 more than I was going to pay for it. I was distraught. What a great tragedy! What was I to do now? In my head I threw a bit of a tantrum, perhaps even grunting and mumbling a bit out loud. Kristin was getting ready for work so I shared my disgust with her immediately of course. She calmly and softly encouraged me to simply look elsewhere. "But I had already done that days ago!", I grumbled. As I let out a big sigh, I proceeded to search online again and see what I could find. Fast forward about 5 minutes and what did I find? The same camera on the manufacturer's website for the same discounted price with free shipping and a free $70 memory card to go with it (that we needed to buy anyway). So basically, when all was said and done, we saved an additional $80+ at this website because the original "discounted" camera was no longer discounted at Best Buy. Impatience and childishness: 1, Joel: 0.

So am I saying all of this to say, "Look at how the Lord has provided for us! He knew my need and He came through for us!"? Um, sorry… no… it's just a camera. My point is that this is so metaphorical of how we often respond to things that come our way. What I believe is the best possible opportunity or way to do things may not be the best way at all. When God changes up my plans and takes me down a different road, how do I respond? Do I throw up my hands with a "Well what now?" attitude or do I proceed to trust in Him and quietly humble myself along the way? My ways aren't the best ways and guess what, neither are yours. His ways are truly higher than our ways and His thoughts higher than our thoughts. And I don't know about you, but I'm sure thankful that that's the case because I'd surely screw it all up.

Jesus, teach us how to rest. Teach us how to hear Your voice. Teach us how to follow wherever You lead.

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Anonymous said...

So True My Brother!! I can relate