Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Hooray For Buddha Boy

This morning, I was reading the story about the new "Buddha Boy" in Nepal. For those in the dark about this, there is a 16–year old boy there that is choosing to deny himself the normal pleasures of life and pursue "higher spirituality". Of course, we know that this "power" is not the power that we seek, but please follow along. The boy had gone out into the woods and vanished for nine months, reappearing yesterday. I was fascinated as I read that as many as 100,000 Hindus from Nepal and India had flocked to see this young man. They'd bow before him, meditate next to him and feed off of his "extra strength". Many believe that he is the reincarnated Buddha from 2500 years ago who has returned to them.

OK, since you know that I'm not here to debate whether he is Buddha reincarnated or not, let's get to the heart of the matter. I'm absolutely convinced that what is drawing these throngs of people and enough media coverage to travel the globe and arrive in my study is his self–denial and the results of such actions. Do I believe that there is some "force" about him? Absolutely. Do I believe that it's tangible and real? You'd better believe it. Is it from the Lord Jesus Christ that I serve? Of course not. My point is this – what if you and I chose to deny ourselves and take the same course of actions for our Lord as this boy has done for his? What "power" would be flowing through me if I chose to meditate upon Christ and only eat herbs and water for nearly 10 months? The boy has also stated that he is "engaged in devotion which will continue for six years". Why do we whine and complain about not seeing Heaven come to earth (or even that nagging headache to disappear) when we "labor" for two or three days in prayer? If we truly dropped everything that keeps us distracted, left behind our hobbies and did nothing but run our absolute hardest after the Lord, what would we see come to pass in our lifetime?

Let me ask you what I'm asking myself. Would you quit your job and sell your house, choosing to sit in the street under a tree all day, in order for the world to see the Christ in you? I'm not saying God has called us all to do this, but Jesus did, however say to leave everything behind and follow Him. How bad do we really long for Christ to be seen in us? Do I truly long for His presence more than anything else in this world? I'm learning that I know nothing of longsuffering. I know nothing of complete devotion. I am a servant that is in desperate need of grace from my Master… and so are the rest of you.

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Jonathan Hoover said...

Good point Joel i have often wondered what would it feel like if i were to be in a constant mode of prayer and devotion for days on end even weeks. Though sadley my earthly ways have gotten in the way.
But i think about a time when i was in high school. After a summer youth retreat. And at the time i had been "resaved" but that is not the point. I was working at a Dairy Queen and for the following i would say two days i remember cooking at work and making a concious effort to keep God on my mind. To keep a continued mind of prayer.
As i did that i noticed that i was able to continue my work, without noticing. As if God was making my hands hear the orders and sending them to work, so he could still have my mind and soul.
I know it a trivial expierence, but one that has made a huge impact on my life. Remembering that just feeling of everything was alrightedness!