Thursday, December 28, 2006

Undeniably Outdated

During my time this morning before the Lord, the word "update" kept coming to mind. After the third or fourth time, I chose to give it some thought. Due to holiday agendas, busyness and just plain laziness, my one–on–one time with God has been lacking over the last few weeks. I found myself brought to tears about it just last week as I literally felt that my spirit was missing its Father. I'd compare it to being the same feeling as if my wife and I were apart for a while. Even if my flesh tries to chug along on it's own, my spirit is crying out for that interaction with my Father. So, let's get back to the word "update" before I get too sidetracked. When pondering this word, I kept thinking of going online to get updates for our computer, often for anti–virus updates or necessary Windows downloads. Updates allow everything to stay current and… well, up to date. New viruses arise all the time and new additions/improvements are always available for your computer operating system as well. Acquiring these updates allows us to stay protected and up to speed with all that's going on in the computing world. I could really drag this out much longer with computer analogies. For example, who would want an Apple IIe from 1983? Noone of course – and why not? Because it could do next to nothing for you today with technology having advanced so greatly. It would be so far behind that it would be completely useless! Enough said.

Likewise, in a spiritual sense, I need to stay updated on all that God has available for me. Abilities and giftings that are necessary for me to succeed in a Godly sense are always there for the getting. Without these updates, I'd surely fail and miss out on what lies before me each day. So today I went before the Lord and told Him that I'm in need of an update from Him. I need to know where He is moving TODAY – where He is leading me TODAY. Last years, last months, last weeks update just won't cut it for today for today is a new day!

As I type this out, I'm drawn to the attributes of manna. To put it simply, we can't live on yesterdays food – God just isn't in the leftovers business. So my challenge to you is when was the last time you sat quietly before God Himself and acknowledged His greatness? When was the last time you sat in awe at the great abundance He has set aside just for you? Have you taken the time today to ask Him what He's up to TODAY? One thing that we know is God is all about the new and that's fine with me… I was never really into leftovers anyway.

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Kay said...

This truly struck home as the hub ub of Christmas took me from the Father's time. Yet in His love He get after me. As I was reading and before I read about the manna, I too was thinking about God does not want us to live on the yesterday with Him, it is stale. Loved the statement, "God is not into leftovers." I am not into New Years resolutions, we fail in them any way. I am though looking at '07 as a fresh start, a new page if you will, turning my gaze on the only One Who counts. May all who read this Seek Him further, stronger, relentless in '07.