Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Our True Identity

I, for some crazy reason, read a news article this morning about George Michael (the pop singer) being charged with some random things in London. What he did and all of that is insignificant to this blog, so let's blow right past that. What drew my attention, gave me a good laugh and then got me to thinking was his birth name, that was listed in the article. Come to find out, George Michael is really George Panayiotou (no wonder he changed it). Would he have become the megastar of the 80's that he did if he hadn't changed his name? Would women, and sadly to say men, have thought he was the hottest thing in the 80's (other than the parachute pants and mullets) if he hadn't changed his name? I wonder. If you were honest, we could sit here and discuss what "cool" names are and who we've known in the past with "uncool" names. Example, have you ever met an attractive young lady on the cheerleading squad named, say, Beatrice? You get my point.

So who are we, really? Who do people say that we are and why? What have we done to create our image in others eyes? Or more importantly, what are we doing now? I want to truly model Christ in my life. I don't need to impress everyone, win everyone over and stress about being everything to everybody. I simply need to walk confidently in who God has created me to be. Whether that be with an "uncool" name or perhaps just a strange way of doing things. I am who I am. That surely doesn't give me the right to have an unwillingness to change for the better, but I think you get the idea. So who are you? I mean really, who are you? And who are you striving to please? Even if it's just yourself that you're out to please it's wrong. Be who God created you to be and rejoice in the fact that no one else is just like you. You are on this earth to perform a specific task for your Creator. Seek it, find it, do it. Who are you?