Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Wasted Space

You want to know something that baffles me every time I encounter it? The wasted packaging in random things that I purchase. For any new readers, this isn't an article about recycling or how we're wasting the earth's resources, so it's safe to stick with me. We've all seen it – you open a bag of potato chips only to find the bag about 50 to 60 percent full. Yesterday, for me, it was some muscle ache patches. I opened the heavy stock paper box to find a small wafer thin bag with the patches in it. Of course, I'd venture to guess that you could have fit at least 10 more of these bags inside of this box. Why do I need patches that are in a bag, in a box? It's just wasted space. Today it was a bottle of ibuprofen (I'm fine, really). I open the bottle that's about 3 inches tall and find an inch worth deep of pills in the bottom of the bottle. Loads of wasted space. Lacking the knowledge of the consumer testing that no doubt went into such atrocities, I'd assume that it's just to make me feel like I'm getting more than I actually am. After all, we all know that extra strength just doesn't cut it anymore anyway. It's got to be Advanced Ultimate Strength (now with 10% more... FREE!). What has everything become? Nothing but false, over exaggerated shells of what's really inside.

Thankfully, God's way is just the opposite. He likes to pack powerful things in small packages. Let's take a new mentor of mine for example. He's a small, mild–mannered, meek man that, to the average earthly eye couldn't and wouldn't hurt a flea. But what lies underneath his skin is a demon–fighting, truth talking, sword wielding man of God. You see, God created us in His image and there's nothing small about Him whatsoever. When He looked through time and space, He saw me in my mothers womb. He knew my name. He knew the color of my eyes. He created me with the fullness of all that He is and planted in me a need for Him. Of course I attempted to live a life of filling my "wasted space" with things of this world for far too long. But the day came, oh what a day – when I chose to live as a child of the living God and allow Him to fill my empty space. I am no longer simply a shell. I no longer have to puff myself up to be bigger, greater or anything other than what I am in Him.

So thank You Lord for creating me, for waiting patiently for me, for pursuing me, for filling me. In me there's no wasted space because You alone are what fills and gives me purpose to live each day. I challenge you today to take a look inside of you and see what you're filling your wasted space with. Only Jesus can truly fill those places that we attempt to ignore or choose fill with other things, experiences or people. Let Him come and fill your wasted space today and become the perfect creation that He intended you to be.

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