Thursday, March 01, 2007

Fixed Eyes & Captured Hearts

Well friends, some moviestars are in town shooting a film in a neighboring city and excitement is in the air! Well, for many it is anyway. Earlier this week I watched a video online from the local news crew hanging out at the movie location. They were interviewing the scores of people hanging around the film site, asking them why they were there and such. As they're wrapping up the news piece, someone points out that a door is opening at the back of the adjoining building where the filming is taking place. The camera turns and, oh my goodness, George Clooney emerges! Shrieks and ovation immediately ensue. As he walks down the short set of stairs and goes behind a building, the people moan in satisfaction of seeing this larger than life superstar.

But wait! There he is again and he's coming our way! People gasp and repeat "Oh my god!" as he begins to walk their direction. As he approaches the crowd, the camera pans and brings Clooney and some of the crowd into view. What it captures may not stand out to most people, but what I saw made me sick to my stomach and sad in the depth of my soul. I sat there and watched the people's eyes fixed on Clooney and in utter awe of his standing there amongst them. It was as if they couldn't take their eyes off of him - mesmerized by his presence. They pushed, they reached, all trying to get even close to him. These few moments, for me, painted a picture of our world. Set aside my distaste for Hollywood and all that it stands for and I still believe that this grieves God's heart. To clarify, I'm saying nothing negative about George Clooney - I'm sure the guy is as nice as they come, as the video shows and it's not his fault that this nation is more infatuated with what is fake than what is real.

OK, so I admit that I often look alot deeper into things than most, but at that moment, I'm convinced that I truly felt the heart of God and it was crying out for those people to look so lovingly into His eyes and long for Him in such a manner. The Bible does, after all, state in several places that He is a jealous God. Imagine for a moment that you created the heavens, the earth, all life that walks upon it and are single-handedly responsible for each and everyone's breath of life. Yet few even notice or acknowledge this - they instead follow after other men and imaginary worlds created by human hands - the very hands that you created.

May we rise up above this world in which we live that is passing away and run hard after eternal things. After all, this life that we cling to so tightly is but a breath anyway. God, I confess with my mouth that You alone are worthy of all praise, honor and glory for now and foreveremore!

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