Monday, April 23, 2007

Exercising Power

My wife and I live in a fantastic house. It's almost perfect in size for the two of us, sits on a small corner lot and has alot of character. The house was built in the 40's and, of course, has had some upgrades throughout its life over the years. While most were done quite well, others look to have been do-it-yourself projects by previous owners. One example is the dishwasher. On the surface one might look at it and see nothing out of the ordinary whatsoever. But the unique characteristic is what lies beneath the machine. A while back it decided to quit working, so in order to investigate it a bit (all that I'm capable of, really) I went to shut down the power going into it. Over the next few minutes I shut off every breaker in the house and the thing would still purr on. I then went and flipped the main breaker and it still continued to chug away. Fascinated (and a bit frustrated), I decided that this job would require someone with much more experience than I.

As I often think on how oddly that dishwasher was wired, the Lord speaks to me. You see, I'm just like that dishwasher - ALWAYS connected directly to the ultimate power source, God Himself. Many times you hear people in ministries pleading for power on high or seemingly begging for the power to overcome such and such. It's almost as if I can see God peering out of Heaven and saying, "All power and authority has already been given to you, stop asking!". For those who know Him, we are now "hard-wired" if you will, "spliced" into His life giving flow of life and power. If you're looking for a switch to flip on when you need it and off when you don't, then I'd be inclined to say that you just don't understand His power at all.

We must be careful to never take this power for granted however. You see, the dishwasher would sit there until the end of time, still hooked up to the power but broken down and out of service. When we accept Jesus, we receieve power. Each and every moment of every day we choose to exercise that power, that authority - making use of what power we have been given access to. I can sit there and debate with myself and others about how I'm undeserving of such power or how I fall short of walking in such authority or I can lift up my head and stand tall - announcing with my mouth and walking it out with my actions. In Jesus name, those who know Him have been given all power and all authority, so let's walk in power and authority and get to doing what we are created to do!

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