Thursday, April 26, 2007

Iced Coffee and God's Faithfulness

I'm sitting here in a local coffee shop on an average Thursday night. To my left is a group of ladies eating cheesecake and brownies as one receives well wrapped gifts and makes sure that she's not paying for anything for herself tonight. To my right is an acquaintence with her beautiful young baby, who is occasionally making her presence known. Directly in front of me is a table full of college kids with computers, calculators and book strewn all about. On one of the couches sits a young girl (likely a college student as well), enveloped in a book.

I sit amazed at how different we all are. Different backgrounds, varying current walks of life and experiences. There is, however one thing that we all have in common - God, in His all knowing, all powerful-ness sees each one of us and knows our every need and desire. You see, when I arrived here, I ordered an iced-decaf with milk and an amaretto shot. When the employee looked a bit confused, I should have taken the time to explain what I wanted a bit better. A few moments after he had brought my drink over to me, I grabbed it and quickly found out that it was not iced at all, in fact it was warm.... quite warm. I didn't feel like making a big deal of it, so I simply sit here now drinking it with a smile. I've figured out that he simply added ice to a coffee, so I guess, by definition, it is "iced coffee".

What's my point you ask? Well to turn things back to where I started, unlike man, God will NEVER disappoint. He never "gets an order wrong" - what happens each moment is what He declared before He formed the foundations of the earth. He is never confused, never in a state of misunderstanding and never wrong. He alone can I count on every time to only execute what is the absolute best for me. So do you see God as a "Well, He's sure mad at me now!" kind of God? If so, read His Word and spend time in His awesome presence. I assure you that before much time passes, you will no longer see Him the same.

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