Monday, July 09, 2007

Answering The Call

Well, I've returned back home after my 3-day weekend in Nashville for The Call. It was truly an event that shook the heavens and released that sound onto the earth. The stadium section that I was designated to oversee had me at one of the highest points of the stadium. From there I could see nearly every seat and jumbo screen, yet still have a great view of all the ongoings on the field. As I looked out over my section throughout the day, I was in awe of the unity of the called out ones. We had come from all over the United States, many from other parts of the world for one reason, to cry out to our Creator.

Of course there were things that came over the radio now and then that would cause me to say "how in the world does 'this' infiltrate this kind of event?", but as a whole, unity, holiness and unrestricted worship of the Lord dominated the entire day. A couple of things that stood out to me were this: first and foremost I saw the Body (staff/volunteers) working together with few to accomplish MUCH. Through only hundreds of sets of hands, thousands were accommodated and assisted. The revelation shared from the stage that the devil has created the increased media craze over the last 10-15 years in order to seize the eyes of the seers. (This shook me and I intend to seek the Lord to find exactly why). You see, this generation is inundated with porn, gadgets, games, videos, etc. as never before. It's time to "gouge out our eyes" that cause us to stumble! The Lord MUST have seers rise up and unveil the eyes of others! At two specific times of the day, I could literally feel the presence of angels that were in awe of the praises coming up from the earth from this place.

This morning, I've fought off frustration after scouring the internet for an hour solid, finding that nearly no coverage came of it from major media outlets. I continue to be amazed at how even Christian events of this magnitude get little to no exposure. But I choose to say how much more blessed we are to be seen in Heaven! How much more blessed we are to be heard in Heaven! The earth can have it's Live Earth concerts that garners attention from every media outlet on the planet, but this earth is passing away. The Kingdom of God will stand for all of eternity!

I was honored to have been a part of The Call Nashville. I saw with my own eyes thousands of others that have been deemed "the called out ones". Thank You Lord that Your remnant is alive and well!

Edit: Since I posted this blog I found a picture of what I am 100% convinced is a "heavenly being" that was randomly captured on my phone camera midday Saturday. More details to follow!


Tim said...

i know...seriously...i was just telling adrienne how i wished i would have gotten your cell number...and then i walk right out into your was pretty crazy...

Jonathan Hoover said...

wow. that would have been amazing. i had no idea about it. I do wish there was something that would promote these things in a secular market. I never hear about this stuff. Cause i don't do the christian TV, or mags. oh well. i am sure God would have revealed it to me or given me the opportunity to find out about it if i was needed or was supposed to go. I am glad you were "enlightened" so much there.