Friday, September 21, 2007

Gather and Prepare

I don't know how everyone feels about "words from the Lord", but I've personally learned over the last 18 months or so that they're very real. I went through a season last year where they were arriving daily, then they tapered off and became pretty scarce. Over the last two months or so, they seem to be on the increase again, and I couldn't be more pleased.

With that on the side burner for a moment, I recently read the latest newsletter that David Wilkerson sends out. I must be honest, I was added to this mailing list a long time ago, but have never really sat down to devote the time to read them because I'm just too lazy or disinterested. I had been told about this one though by my mother as she asked if I had read it yet. She said something along the lines of, "it discusses a lot of the things we keep talking about", referring to the urgency of the hour. So I read it and I was moved. Not in a superficial emotion-driven way either. Something in my spirit was stirred and agreeing with most every word.

I referred to "words from the Lord" because shortly after reading this newsletter, as well as several scriptures in Isaiah and Revelation, I was pondering the events taking place these days. Then the Lord spoke clearly to me. Some excerpts that I feel are extremely noteworthy for those who also consider themselves The Body of Christ are as follows: "Have you built? Have you prepared? Are you heading for the mountain top or cowering in the low-lying wilderness in fear and trembling? Come to the mountain of the Lord! Here alone will be your shelter, your provision, your deliverance. Many say, 'how could it get any worse?' I say, no eye has seen nor ear has heard what is to come." "Do not be alone, attempting to weather the storm, for great strength comes in numbers. And unity in numbers provides great wisdom, counsel, power and authority. This will be needed greatly in the season to come." He also repeated the words "gather" and "prepare" over and over again.

I tell you friend, we must build now, we must have our "ark" completed and ready to ride the waves of calamity that are coming. This isn't some "fill the people with the fear of God's wrath!" rant either. This is reality. After all, the Word says that when all is said and done and I pass under His rod, receiving His judgment face to face, I, as a believer and follower of Christ will be completely vindicated! (more on that powerful teaching at another time.) 1 Thessalonians says that "we have not been appointed to wrath", so I choose to prepare and build now rather than dread the coming storm. I will not fear, nor will I waver. And, despite my carnal urges to "go it alone", I will choose to gather and be a builder of a great city where Jesus Himself will come to rule and reign forever.

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kori said...


this is very encouraging to me today.

I see that the day is drawing near and that we must draw closer and closer to the mountain of the Lord which resides with in us.

i'm printing this blog off and meditating on it today.

thanks for LISTENING.